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Posted: Nov 26, 2019 @ 5:53pm
Updated: Nov 26, 2019 @ 5:53pm

Censorship - Yes. White-bars and pixelation.
Hours of Content - Five minutes to an hour or two.
Modding Support - None.
Sexual Content - Intercourse and nudity.

This game can be summed-up as generic H-puzzle. You have a bunch of images, which are scrambled. You have to swap pieces of the image around to re-complete them. While there are only nine "stages" available, there are actually eighteen puzzles to do. Each stage has one to three parts, which feature a girl in different stages of undress or a new image entirely. In addition to the classic "swippy-swappy" puzzles, there are also slider-puzzles. The slider-puzzles are considered to be part of a "hard mode", and can be somewhat challenging sometimes.

Now, slider-puzzles are actually very easy. If you don't know how to solve them, they are grueling. If you do, they can be a cake-walk. If you don't know how to solve them, look at a tutorial. But this game does something different from other H-slider-puzzles. Traditionally, only the bottom-right piece of the puzzle is missing (allowing you to "slide" the other pieces around). In this game, (I think) any piece is game. This will force to solve the slider-puzzles differently than you are used to, but if you can't figure it out, you can always "re-roll" your puzzle by re-entering "hard-mode" from any puzzle.

Or, you can cheat using the "F" key. It'll insta-solve any puzzle.

This game does allow you to revisit completed images. You can expand them to fill your screen, or use sort-of "gallery-mode" which automatically cycles and zooms-in through images. The artwork is good, but there is little saucy-stuff. There is censorship, so that's worth mentioning. Overall, this game is nothing special. Just another generic game that doesn't try to shine from the rest, but it certainly earns its (one USD) price-tag.
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