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Posted: Nov 10, 2019 @ 10:21pm

Censorship - Some images are censored, but there are uncensored versions in-game
Hours of Content - Probably a few hours. 10 minutes if you cheat.
Modding Support - None at all.
Sexual Content - Erotic poses and nudity.

Considering how cheap this game is (on sale, at least), if it looks remotely interesting, buy it. It's a another generic h-puzzle game. Nothing special. If you like those, add this title to your library. With that in mind, I'm going to talk about why I don't recommend this title.

There's other similarly-priced titles which offer better bang for your buck. This game will soak up nearly 100 MB on your PC. For that kind of storage, you'd be better off with lots of other things (like uh, games). To be fair, it does offer about eight images, each with three variations. But they are really small, and can't be enlarged. So eight low resolution images. There's a gallery, but you can't view every image, only eight (of the twenty-four). You have to replay stages to see those ones. Tedious.

Speaking of stages, there's literally an "auto-complete" button. It's cheap, and does what it says. If you bought this game for some quick anime "goodies" and don't want to work for them, well there's the "auto-complete" button. If that's what you plan on using, why not just hit up your preferred search engine? It'd be a lot cheaper.

Anyways, game-play. It's a puzzle game. Each picture is broken up into multiple fragments, based on difficulty setting. You have to swap them around to complete the picture and move on. There's a "Strip Mode" difficulty, which is the highest one available. The game is very, very punishing. If you make too many errors, it basically shuffles the pieces around and makes you retrace your steps.

When it happened the first time, I thought it was because the game lagged and it just bugged-out. After it happened again, I became too frustrated and cheated my way through. If this "feature" was to be removed, it would probably make for a better experience for players.

The game's cheap, I dunno. . . grab it if it goes on sale, play it for half-an-hour, give-up and let it stew in your library as a reminder of your poor life decisions.
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Grez Mar 22, 2020 @ 1:54am 
Overall, I agree. I ran into some of the same bugs, and had a crash or two.

One thing I will point out is that you are able to see all 24 images in the gallery. When you select a particular girl, you can use the 1, 2, and 3 keys to see all three images for that girl. Yeah, not intuitive at all, but it does work. Just thought that you should know.

I really don't dig the re-scramble thing. I'm playing the whole thing on strip difficulty, so the shuffling again partway through is maddening. But hey, only a couple more to go and I can call this game beaten, so at least there's that. :D