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Posted: Feb 12, 2020 @ 12:05pm
Updated: Feb 12, 2020 @ 5:11pm

At a Glance
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Yes. (F) Nudity.
No. Woot! Woot!
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HENTAI SAVES AUSTRALIA is a swippy-swappy puzzle-game.

This tile plays-out like any other swippy-swappy puzzle. Each puzzle consists of a board, which is divided into tiles. Those tiles are scrambled, and it's your job to un-scramble them. You can swap pieces from anywhere on board, unlike slider-puzzles. As you progress to later-puzzles, the number of tiles will increase (starting at four tiles, and ending at fourty-nine).

- How to play -
The only button you need to know is "left-mouse", for selecting stages and swip-swapping puzzle pieces. In other words, yes this is a game you can play one-handed!

There is no in-game exposition. There are, however two prominent characters. There is a busty, scantily-clothed lady with military-themed attire and a gun. She means business! And she has a companion, who looks like a cutesy blue koala bear. At least, I think he's a koala. Apparently, he saves Australia. Or both of 'em, I dunno. There's no story!

The user-interface features a waivering Australian flag and the tell-tale sign of fire flickering from below. Instead of a traditional title-menu, the first screen shows the available puzzles. You can access the gallery (as you complete new puzzles), mute. and exit the game.

As for the art itself, I liked the 3D-rendered lady. She looked delightful, but the images themselves were created at a one-to-one ratio (or in other words, are squares). This means that if you have normal (modern) monitor, these images cannot be full-screened. Bummer. There is also a drawn mascot of sorts, which clashes with the 3D art style.

But he's cute. He's got that going for him.

As a fun-game with quality content, HENTAI SAVES AUSTRALIA misses the mark. But as a cheap swippy-swappy puzzle game, it's a mission success. But unless you really want to see the main-star's hairy bits, I'd take my dollar somewhere else.

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Developer response:
no1cares  [developer] Posted: Feb 13, 2020 @ 5:24am
oi DatWombat, your a GC for such a detailed and honest break down

To be honest I was a bit like "is that you Craigy" and that <3 then I was like nah it's another Craig and that, hey your lit for being honest and that, me and me mates grew up with Wombats and that and I really love them, like love them hard out. They are slow and that but it's not their fault. They are all goods and that XD

I gotta be honest man I made the game quickly and that and it was about all I could do mate, I been sick af as and off work and that, most of me mates on centrelink and that cuz the works stopped up here in the mines. I lost two family members during the fires the end of last year and wasn't able to do anything to help. Many of my Family and friends are deeply affected and low-spirited at the moment and the place where I lived in the Blue Mountains was rekt af. This is all I could do, it's like I've laid myself bare in the game... but it's how God created me and that.

Hey na cheers tho aye, I will use all your comments and that to try and do something even greater for the cause, like big as! in all honesty I feel it's still very decent for what it is... theres heaps of tits and that and one thing you can try IS COVER THE KOALA, that way the puzzles cohesive and it doesnt kill the wood and that ;)

Hey if steam allowed me to I would sell it for less. I just wanted people to know that even a pervert can help, that blue koala is named after a Koala from behind my old school called Bluey, he died. Not from the fires and that he was old as.

Hey anyway mate I better go mate, I will set my alarm for first thing in the morning and do my best, I will try to create a better product and better art! if I got some money that was my goal first to be honest, to upgrade the art and make it more cohesive, then to buy a box of VB create a video about sending the money earned to the charity I listed.

As it stands I have made... well you can guess, it's currently in the negative amount (just including the cost to put on steam, not the other stuff I bought or my time) But where I am from we all needed a laugh...

The next puzzle will be more hardcore and that with more 'hairy bits' and that and I have taken what you said on board, like a sailor taking a mermaid back to shore, thank you for convincing people not to buy what I make until it's good and that.

your a GC and I appreciate you and your loved I hard out can tell <3, STRAYA C####

< >
savako Jun 4, 2020 @ 10:00am 
пиздуй по русский
no1cares  [developer] Feb 14, 2020 @ 12:18am 
I mean it tho mate, it's like I'm grateful as and that. I had fun creating this and me mates had a laugh and I got some sh#t and made them laugh out how sh#t my idea I thought was good as - actually was. Cheers and that mate for giving me clarity and that on why I didn't deserve to have this go big and that, I will do my best to try and make a better product and that next time. But yeah

Me and me mates reckon I should just throw up like a video of me giving away the amount of money the game earns soon then delete the game, and to be honest man all this is good and that but it's like the confidence has had a beating and I need time to figure things out. All the best mate and hope things are good for you and your family and that in 2020
no1cares  [developer] Feb 14, 2020 @ 12:13am 
I'm grateful that you ripped me a new one and kept it real though mate, I think it's good to break someone down to build them up and that and I was pretty down when I first read your review knowing how it would affect sales, but like a good mate... you were honest and that and that makes you a GC. One who ripped me up... but thats like a good Uncle and that <3
no1cares  [developer] Feb 14, 2020 @ 12:11am 
Yeah nah yeah sounds a bit sad when you put it like that aye but there isn't much else to do for kicks and that, we head out each morning to fill the bird baths and that for the birds as we have still drought on here... pick up rubbish on the beach and that

No need to be doubtful man haha if ya check out the sites which show steam sales and that then you can guess based on reviews how many sales a game has. I get around 30cents for each game sale after steam takes it's cut... so... having done this before I know Im rektaf with this one.

I guess it's easy to say I need new mates but we have lost heaps of us to drugs, jail and suicide and drink driving, Im loved heaps as in my community for the good work I do
DatWombat Feb 13, 2020 @ 10:07pm 
I haven't looked at the other reviews for this title, but I imagine that a number of them are "haha funny meme" reviews. If "honest" reviews are how you and your mates get your kicks, well. . . keep sinkin' on 'em brewskies eh?

Well, this game hasn't been around for long. You can't call it a lost just yet. But if it doesn't work out great, I guess it goes to show a the positive trend of development and sales. I don't think a lot of people review their purchases, so I'm doubtful that they are representative of sales.

I feel like you need new mates, hah. Sounds like they're the brutally honest ones here. Hey, with or without mates, all we really can do it chug 'n chug along. No sense in stoppin', just make our marks in the world and try 'n make someone else's world a wee bit better.
no1cares  [developer] Feb 13, 2020 @ 9:52pm 
yeah nah yeah your right, yeah even getting a bit rekt from honest reviews is a bit of a crack up and my mates and that read your response just now and sinking back some coldies (VB today).

To be honest by the looks I will probably be better to just donate more of my own money and pull the game haha... I can't say sales numbers and that cuz of steams policies and that but if you look at reviewers it's not a lot more than that.

Yeah nah I appreciate your comments and that, my mates all reckon "you got f##king rekt by DatWombat c##t" and yeah I reckon you rekt me and that but with honesty and from your heart, I just laugh and I reckon what you said is me to a tee "Do keep on chuggin' along!" I get drunk and depressed I can't do more with everything going on at the moment, but I am still alive and heaps of my mates arent so got to keep chuggin.
DatWombat Feb 13, 2020 @ 5:35pm 
Oh I've looked into publishing games on Steam myself. I'm hardly ready for the plunge, but I am well aware of the associated expenses, in terms of time and money. I hope you will recoup your loses and get those laughs you sorely need.

I've reviewed my fair share of puzzle games, and I'm no stranger to. . . perverted works. My concerns and criticism are generally the same. If you are interested in my input or requests, you are welcome to contact me. I suggest looking at other reviews, to get a sense of what people do and don't want.

I'm. . . not sure how much sarcasm was in your response, but I do wish you the best as a developer. Do keep on chuggin' along!

Part three of three
DatWombat Feb 13, 2020 @ 5:35pm 
That's a wonderful thing about criticism. It represents your shortcomings, a tool to strengthen your skills. Just don't let anyone tell you that you can't do something. In your defense, this was a decent game in some respects, and a lot better than similar titles I have played.

Nah, I think that creators deserve money for their efforts. . . unless there's no heart in their work. But awe, I've lost my fair share of pets. If you make future content, you should immortalize Bluey as a mascot of sorts! I'm sure he wouldn't mind the attention.

Now, that's all we can do. Wake up and do our best. If you take our money and turn it into new and improved content, I'd be happy to support you. That's all I ask from game developers. Perhaps with future sales, you can make a meaningful contribution to your loved ones and charities of choice.

Part two of three
DatWombat Feb 13, 2020 @ 5:35pm 
So, the developer gave my review a. . . very sumptuous response. It’ll take multiple comments for me to respond. Let's get started.

Hi there! I pass out over-detailed and honest reviews, even if it makes me look like fool. Glad to be of service!

I'm. . . not sure what a Craig is, but wombats are feckin' adorable. If only they lived in my parts. Instead, we get nutria . Cute, but not as cuddly lookin'.

I hear (or read ) some bad times and excuses. But gee whiz, that is rough. I suppose in a sense, it's amazin' you pulled off any game with your happenings. I think that with some adjustments and longer production time, you could make some very attractive software.

Part one of three