Kristy Blackclaw
Quebec, Canada
I got enough friend keep me busy but i have place for special friends
Leave comment so know you better and why,Seriously try impress me.
Show me nice stuff and make me smile. I love nice artwork and funny stuff.
Come on people pick my interest don't ask me to talk without a topic. why i don't add much.
Talk about yourself. have dream and hobbies. Be open and fun.

I do Rp but for God sake inspire me a little or i won't feel for starting it.
I prefer get some lead in a Rp i can get easily stuck out of inspiration.
Also looking for friend that playing similar game or cute Lewd .
Also know as Kerakdragon

Je suis français mais j'utilise plutot l'anglais sur steam.
my f-list account for Erp or ask me on steam
Note: Kristy is a herm or female. (depend your taste)
Orientation: Bi

Kristy Blackclaw pink haired black paws catgirl nekomata
Mostly a mischievous girl party that very playful energetic
but often drunk and lazy.
She like lewd clothing charming and tender moment
Get to the point and be attractive.
She don't really believe in love she take any partener
she find original and fun and will comeback if she enjoy it.

Used to be in monstergirl village that hunting human and cute anthro furry.
so her demon magic her resistance is lot higher that average.

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Title :¨Slut Tomato maker¨ people that blushed :30
Title : master fapper i will make you fap and cum.

GETTING INSPIRED TO RP: just tell something nice
if a interested i reply if not i am busy or not in mood (recall but no spam)
Rp/Erp yes but i won't start it alone.
Futa: Yes just ask me if you wanna i play one.
Casual: Sigh... try be creative or i will probably do something else.
Regular RP: Maybe but something simple and fun.
Supernatural RP: Yes BTW i am demon catgirl
Random Rp. No me some info to interrest me.
Erotic RP:
Romance RP: Simple and fun please.
Gore RP: No
Long RP: No
Short Silly RP: Yes I need more.
Chit cha: Yes
Snuggle/hug :Yes but not too much.
Random erp approch poke : Not really especialy if not in mood

Action game platformer (sadly not into first-person or got very rare exception)
Hunting lewd image and sharing them.
cute and Sexy Erp.
Talking about hobbies i want learn new stuff i often bored.
Some hell bullet game
Action Rpg
Editing picture to make crossover.
Funny Video
Some adcade racing game like f-zero and modnation ,mario Karts.
Pokemon (but not the anime)

favorite anime
Soul Eater
Fairy Tail
Hyper Police
Sacred blacksmith
Rosario vampire s1-s2
Megas Xlr (cartoon)
Slayers Revolution (season 2)
Yu gi oh 5d
Kenran_Butou_Sai (mars day break)

Be lewd and lewd people. (Seriously people aren't enough)
Rp with someone that have a character (Rp with a unknown is weird)
Funny joke /pic/ video / collecting art
action video game. platformer and rpg.
nice anime and hentai. (more anime cheeful action fantasy type)
Nice artwork and edit.
sexy and lewd Erp. wet and messy and emotional Erp.
Neko/ anthro furry
Getting inspire to Erp. a nice suggestion really help on the mood.
Get pet

Be unhealthy / feeling old/Borind Erp demand
Rude people / begging people/annoying gluesome people/
Internet Troll / People that don't listen or care.
unfinish discussion and pof gone.
After 3 post of cuddle or breasts suck. i tired / complex story.
Irl relation don't ask for pic (friendly chat is okay)

misunderstanding and confusing situation ?ftired? sadly that happen often.
dark and gore anime/movie (funny or light horror can be good)
Long conversation that going not where.
unfinish discussion and pof gone.
First person shooting that sad?ftired? way too many sigh.
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Kristy Groupee Fan box
WARNING SILLY BADASS SENPAI CATGIRL Will i notice you nya!!! :fhappy::8bitheart:
Amazing! Caring! Unique! Funny! VS Picky! Distant!! Melancholic!!! Nonchalant!!!
Then i will reply and if interested i may add. Seriously try impress me. i don't add much.

Dere Type ♥♥♥♥♥♥ DANGER Darudere/Tsundere DANGER ♥♥♥♥♥♥
Closer personality : Tsubaki Nakatsukasa (Blackstar's partener Soul eater)
Konata Izumi (Lucky star)
Mirai andou (A Dark Rabbit Has Seven Lives)
Lucy Heartfilia (fairy tail)
Haruna (Kore wa Zombie Desu Ka)

IMPORTANT: If your wanna add me leave a interesting message about why.
Have something in commun really important and pick my interest OR i won't add. (Put extra effort)
No private profile a cute one with comment recommanded, Weird is fine so be yourself.
Don't add just for Erp/Rp i don't do much. Or don't try dating me or ask privacy
Don't ask to use for other social network except discord and ingame chat.
Come say Hi and share, Be friendly and respectful. Have a nice day

favorite anime
Soul Eater :balaz:
Fairy Tail :owforce:
Hyper Police :tntsticks:
Inuyasha :8bitheart::8bitheart::8bitheart:
Sacred blacksmith :paladin:
Rosario vampire s1-s2
Megas Xlr (cartoon) :Pizza: :_meat_: :togcake:
Slayers Revolution (season 2) :dewgrim:
Yu gi oh 5d
Kenran_Butou_Sai (mars day break) :SweezyGunner:

:bundleoftulips::bundleoftulips::bundleoftulips::bundleoftulips::bundleoftulips::bundleoftulips::bundleoftulips::8bitheart:♥ROLEPLAY PROFILE♥:8bitheart::bundleoftulips::bundleoftulips::bundleoftulips::bundleoftulips::bundleoftulips::bundleoftulips::bundleoftulips::bundleoftulips::bundleoftulips::bundleoftulips::bundleoftulips::bundleoftulips:

I don't looking rp much lately expect if a nice theme or i in mood or i won't.
Talk in my profile and impress me or i won't add you.(you may have more chance on f-list or imvu)

Name: Kristy BlackClaw :luci3s: nya!!!
Species: Catgirl, Nekomata, Demon
Gender: Female :wrynhappy:
Age: Apparent Age 25 Real age Unknown over 1500
Birthday: 13 august
Breast Size: 34E->G cup :goldenegg::goldenegg:
Height:5.10 inches
Tail: thin long pink tail :wool:
Build: Curvy/Toney/buff (skittle type)
Clothing: Tight cute t-shirt, mini shirt stocking
Job: Bounty Hunter. Dancer, Singer. Tease Striper.
Personality: Curious, Caring, Cute, Playful, Picky. Distant but good listener.
❄ Important people ❄
Amira : Tsundere Tyrant of Baka kristy
Lobster : Butt dance club partener
Silvia :Misstress Goddess
Bacon : silly lover
kmyc89 (chris) close friends
Silverfox : My cuddle pillow and guardian
Mio (deaf)- Fuckfriend lover

Maybe more too come.
other important people

﴾֎Dracula֍﴿ --------------------------------------Cpt boo (blapazapa)
Courage -----------------------------------------------Dracolord
Jordanwolf -----------------------------------------TailJr
Tiberisam -------------------------------------------Tsu
Yamruru -----------------------------------------Thaulden:
Red mage ------------------------------------------skymadra

Not on the list talk to me more and be special (maybe i miss someone)

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I got some friend that play paladin but sadly i don't. i play more retro
rpg, strategy, plaformer, arcade racing, puzzle and rythme games.
KItty ballard from blade kitten also very like my character.:winkkit:
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