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I don't accept random friend requests.
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:markofgoku: Things you should know about me:

:sdbhwm_Goku: If you want to talk to me please use: French,German or English.
:sdbhwm_Goku: Respect my privacy.
:sdbhwm_Goku: I have nothing to say about my personal life.
:sdbhwm_Goku: Don't ask or beg for free games or items.
:sdbhwm_Goku: Don't take things too seriously, and just chill.
:sdbhwm_Goku: I hate losing more than i love winning.
:sdbhwm_Goku: Enjoy life, you only live once.
:sdbhwm_Goku: My favorite quote: Whatever happens, happens.
:sdbhwm_Goku: Main playtime (Luxembourg-CET) - (UTC/GMT+1)


:markofgoku: Things you shouldn't do on steam:

:sdbhwm_Goku: Do not click unfamiliar links sent to you by anyone including people you know.
:sdbhwm_Goku: Check that the spelling of any familiar URL is correct before clicking it.
:sdbhwm_Goku: Do not download anything sent to you by a stranger.
:sdbhwm_Goku: If a stranger asks you to trade your item to a friend so that he can check something, don't do it.


:markofgoku: For my Friends:

Please feel free to ask me anything.