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:JurassicWorldEvolution: Things you should know about me :JurassicWorldEvolution:

If you want to talk to me please use: French,German or English.
I like: Dinosaurs, Cultivated/Funny people and 80-90's stuff.
I don't like: Bronies, Furries, Uncultivated, Depressed/Anxious/Boring people.
I have nothing to say about my personal life.
I like to troll with idiots.
Don't take things too seriously.
You must be 18+ to add or friend me. I won't accept people under 18 years old.
Good advice: Trust no one.
My favorite quote: Whatever happens, happens...
Main playtime (Luxembourg-CET) - (UTC/GMT+1)


:JurassicWorldEvolution: Things you shouldn't do on steam :JurassicWorldEvolution:

Do not click unfamiliar links sent to you by anyone including people you know.
Check that the spelling of any familiar URL is correct before clicking it.
Do not download anything sent to you by a stranger.
Do not trust people/friends on the internet before you truly know them.

:JurassicWorldEvolution: For my Friends :JurassicWorldEvolution:

Feel free to ask me anything.

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