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Greetings! As you can see I am a big fan of Toriel. :toriel: Feel free to add me if you want to play some TF2, Borderlands 2 or age of wonders 3, but make sure to check my infobox first and best leave a comment as well. Be aware that I don´t trade in general and that I am not a big fan of chat-roleplay.
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General and favorite games
- I am not exactly picky with friend request, but I won´t accept if your name or picture seems insulting to me. Please make sure to leave a comment if we haven´t played before.

- You can talk to me in both english and german. I won´t accept friend request from people that
can´t understand me (or the other way around).

- What type of games do I play? I really like strategy games, but am also fond of adventure games (like undertale) or FPS like Team Fortress 2

- Feel free to invite me to a game anytime. When I am online, I have time to play - most of the time :toriel:

- When I am online or playing a game you can chat with me whenever you like (though it might take time for me to reply in the 2nd case)

- If I am away or offline you shouldn´t expect a chat answer anytime soon, if I am busy I want to be left alone.

- I won´t tolerate any sort of cancer-related joke. If I catch anyone on my friendlist doing them you will get blocked instantly. No exceptions.

About Undertale:
- Yes it´s my favorite game and possibly will ever be.

- Don´t roleplay with me, especially in public chat. I srsly don´t like doing that. Talk to me like a normal person.

- Don´t call me with nicknames like Goat Mom or anything mom-related. Calling me Tori is ok.

- My personal favorite Alternate Universe (of Undertale) is Storyshift, followed by: Inverted Fate, Undertale Parallel and Dreemurr Reborn.

- The hangout with Undyne is my most favorite scene in Undertale

- My favorite characters in Undertale are: Toriel :toriel:, Papyrus and Sans

- My favorite character in Deltarune is Ralsei

- Make sure to check out Deltarune (can be considerend Undertale 2), if you haven´t already: www.deltarune.com

About TF2
- my most played game

- I usually hang out in casual or mvm (mann up).

- I rather dislike competitive mode, but play it with friends sometimes.

- my favorite gamemodes: 5 CP, payload and attack/defend maps.

- my least favorite gamemodes: KOTH and the custom gamemodes (except payload race, watergate and degroot keep).

- The classes I play best are medic, engie and heavy. I also really like to play spy and sniper.

- Call me a tryhard, but I really dislike friendlies in casual servers. Play the damm objective.

- I also won´t play with braindead teams, so don´t be suprised if I leave when teammates get me killed or don´t support me in any way.

About Age of Wonders 3
- by far my most favorite strategy game

- My favorite race are the Tigrans, I also like the Elves, Humans and the Orcs

- I dislike the Goblins, Draconians and the Halflings.

- I can play pretty good as any class, though I don´t like sorcerer and necromancer that much.

- check my review in case you consider getting the game too. I´d love to play this with friends :D

- finally, if you just started playing the game you might want to check out my AoW guides to give you an overview of each unit and class in the game. Check the according guides in the box below if interested.
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In my first 10 hours I wasn´t so sure about this strategy game. But as I spent more and more time with it I finally start to get into the game mechanics and I like what I see:
+good graphics, good random map generator
+a lot of different races, with unique playstyles, strenghts and weaknesses
+different classes that add special units and spells (everything from monsters to flame tanks)
+more than 6 specialisatations (with both adept and master rank) your leader can have (for example earth, fire, water or air magic)
+customisable leaders (race, class, specialasations and appearance). I am having a lot of fun with this feature in particular
+high replay value as due to the amount of races, classes and abilities
+very good DLCs that add a lot of content

There are some flaws too however:
-the lack of a proper tutorial (tutorial series for that matter)
-rather bad and very hard campaigns. Even the one that is supposed to have a tutorial is just way too hard and isn´t doing what it´s supposed to (teaching new players how to play the game)
-unfair advantages for the AI on the two hardest difficulties
-you have to register yourself in order to play multiplayer

Regarding the lacking (even missing) tutorial, I recommend watching a Let´s play on youtube. I really learned a lot of things watching those videos.
If you can´t find a good youtuber, I can recommend: the "Advanced strategy series" and the "Co-op strategy series" of the youtuber "blackarrowgaming"

All in all I give a recommendation for this game, to enjoy it in it´s full glory you have to get the 2 main DLCs however (add more races, a new class, new game mechanics and more). If you are willing to invest the time to get into the game, it´s worth even the full price (discount is better of course).

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Great Pyroman.
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maybe ^-^
I was getting rather bored of that match, not to mention kinda salty because of that blackbox + quickfix medic combo.
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I bet we lost bc you left el o el
/I thought you're british/
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happy new year everyone!
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