Hello everyone, my name is Abu Habar and I'm the person who lives in Spencer Foust on YouTube's crusty crack hole. Day One. As I was taking a lovely drive in my STANK machine the Toyota Crown Hearse. As I was about to do my daily suicide bombing I saw this red house that stated "THE PROPERTY OF THE STANK PUSS" I parked my car staring at the house menacingly knowing who lives in the STANK house . As I sat there in the sexy beast across the street I thought to my self "أعتقد أنني سأستخدم بطاقتي الائتمانية يا جون أيها العاهر المثلي الغبي" Then I got out of my car and I moved my self to the trunk and grabbed my necessities. I grabbed my Special Edition Life Alert 92's for sneaky man, plus there not even worn. I also grabbed my Honey Boo Boo signed copy tape of Honey Boo Boo Vol 3 Directors Cut just if i get bored. My last essential item would be bear mace so if that f1cker Spencer Foust on YouTube gets near me imma spray him down and run into the ventilation duct so he can't get me. I put everything in the there color-coordinated pocket and sprinted down the street so no Hindu's hit me with their school buses. I creep up to the house and find a window that is not open cuz mans stank. I slowly crept up to the window and used my rock hard tits nipples and cut through the glass. When the deed that had to be done I suckled on the glass and yanked my head back to pull the pane out on my side. I crawl in looking like TSM_KINGSETH (find the reference). I stand here in this kitchen just looking around mesmerized but this feeling of euphoria end quickly as I hear a loud thumping noise coming from somewhere not knowing where from getting closer. I start to panic thinking where should I hide, as I frantically look around the room I stop and look at the sink and the cabinets below it. I quickly dash into that h0e and hide peering through the crack. After some time because this fat f1ck is so slow, I watch him through the crack, as he comes into sight my eyes start saying prayers because of what they're looking at. 100 whole pounds of CHEEK meat just in front of me. My eyes took control of my honky ass and made me lunge strait between two Arby's restaurants. As I do so lunge into two Arby Diners I feel my body get sucked up between the cheeks. I'm like a noodle that's what it felt like. As I reach the inside I'm guessing is Spencer Foust on YouTube's big meaty cream hole, I hear a slight giggle which I found hilarious, and laughed back. Me laughing back caused Mr. Spencer Foust to start wheezing making it harder to cling on and not get ♥♥♥♥ out. As I'm grabbing on for dear life I can't stop laughing at the wheeze since it sounds like a r3tarded train, or a gas-powered chair breaking down, or a tea kettle sh1ting its self, or a bat with mental issues, or a car drifting if it was on its rims. I could go on and on but I needed to focus on not flying out. After 10 brutal minutes clung onto his colon I sit there and I start to make camp there so I could watch my Honey Boo Boo. IF SPENCER FOUST SEE'S THIS I HAVE MOVED SOMEWHERE ELSE IN YOUR CHEEKS B1TCH
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