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Posted: Jan 22 @ 6:16pm

I bought it for the lulz but there were no lulz to be found. The game is almost unplayable. The only type of AI is buggy and Hitler only has one kind of weapon at his disposal. This makes the levels incredibly monotonous. The resolution is bad and makes it looks like a cheap porn game from Newgrounds in 2005. By Level 5, the game is practically unplayable because the programmers didn't give you enough ammo to finish the level. They dialogue in the "cutscenes" is terrible and lacks any self awareness. I don't know how the creators did it, but they somehow managed to make a game about hentai Hitler having hardcore sex with female soldiers, boring.
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erebus Jan 25 @ 8:21pm 
skill issue
~u~ Mike J. 1A-01 Jan 24 @ 4:10pm 
its kinda hilarious watching you try to fit your entire vocabulary into one sentence. its a weird Hitler game cant expect too much from it.
Cryptic Spook Jan 24 @ 1:02pm 
I bought it for the tear jerking Plot
N u l l [ 0 ] Jan 23 @ 1:22am 
he bought it for the lulz
TheRobloxEgg Jan 22 @ 9:21pm 
bad at game stay mad xd
taintmaster69 Jan 22 @ 8:31pm 
are you genuinely upset about a hilter porn game not being up to your standards?