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I don't trade, unfortunately.

If you're here to add me and expect a response other than an "ignore", then you should give your reason in the comment section. [/spoiler]

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«oWn»|Locus Aug 7 @ 10:00am 
Vert Aug 7 @ 9:03am 
Dr. Llama Priest Aug 1 @ 3:43am 
еверyоне ликес профиле пицтурес :D
«oWn»|Locus Aug 1 @ 3:16am 
The comments I delete are rare anyways. Most of my interactions are with people who'd like profile pictures.
«oWn»|Locus Aug 1 @ 2:51am 
honestly, I just don't agree with most of them, in that they aren't really saying anything with any semblance of truth. If they were legitimately criticizing me in a civilized manner, then I'd totally still allow them to exist. However, most negative comments I get are just false accusations or petty judgements on my gameplay choices. If you take a look at my older artwork, for example, you'll see places where people did criticize me and I chose to not delete those comments. Btw, who are you ?
spooky Jul 31 @ 10:19am 
oh so you just delete comments that criticize you and keep the ones jerking you off? hypocrite.