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Personal Achievements

Exterminator I

Squash 50 rats or roaches.
0 / 50

Exterminator II

Kill 25 people.
0 / 25

Exterminator III

Kill 100 people.
0 / 100

Exterminator IV

Kill 500 people.
0 / 500

Exterminator V

Kill 1000 people.
0 / 1,000

Fashion Time

Put glasses on.


Beat the game with Recon.


Beat the game with Valkyrie.


Beat the game with Spectre.


Achieve the war ending.


Achieve the famine ending.


Achieve the plague ending.

Home Run

Beat new game plus.

The Slaughter Begins

Beat the game on any difficulty with any character.

Live and Learn

Beat the game on medium difficulty.

Destroyer of The Worlds

Beat the game on hard difficulty.

Reclaiming The Crown

Beat new game on hard difficulty without dying. (not new game+)