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Yurp das me 😛
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I hate when people ask if Im a girl then I reply "yes" n they say " no ur lying " .......... IF YOU THINK IM LYING THEN WHY TF YOU ASKED YOU DIPSH!T

Comment why u added please

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No Mic cuz I'm a shy mf and sound like a damn 12 year old pre pubic boy

No I don't have a discord and never will.

I'm 18

Fat as fuuuuuuack

I'm odd
NOVA es mi NOViA Aug 31 @ 11:09am 
cause left 4 dead 2
Katinthe Aug 6 @ 10:44pm 
"CoMmEnT WhY yOu aDdEd mE" idk you op on lfd2 seems chill
Dalmatian Jun 15 @ 2:36pm 
just some friend with stupid sarcastic jokes
Jared Jun 9 @ 2:51pm 
+rep nice person
germy Apr 28 @ 4:10am 
angel.. Apr 14 @ 5:06am 
Can't see what Games you've got but added to talk and play some games. ^^