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Birth Of The Ape Kingdom
Long ago humans infested this planet with there fast food snacks that make them fat, cutting down beatifull long trees filled with bananas, putting gasses in the air that make the planet sick and warm.
Apes where held captive by these humans and we knew that the planet and all its living creatures where not gonne survive if the humans kept going on with there addictions. So our leader King Ape IX ordered us to escape and rally the humans. So we did, we escaped our prison and took down the humans. It was a long never ending battle that we were losing but all other living creatures joined the fight and together we slaughtered the humans. Now we saved the planet and build our own citys and made our own laws. The humans that did survive our now prisoners and they are amusing us now. In a few years we begin expanding by sending rockets filled with banana seeds to mars so that they wil begin to make air on mars. And after 20 years the apes wil move on mars as a 2nd home for our empire. Some apes say that the humans wil never rise to power but some apes tell tales of humans in forests that escaped and seek revenge...but what ape believes those silly stories...right?
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obviously i'm referring to midir bossfight
Chemistara Dec 30, 2020 @ 5:52am 
assuming your ign in ds3 was died, strike the head, not the legs
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gg blue thanks for the 2 free estus :8bitheart:
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crazy moneky can you back
Filmex Sep 6, 2020 @ 2:27am