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It's not easy. It's not pretty.
You might feel like you swimming in something ♥♥♥♥♥♥.
You might die horribly, and be a hero to some;
don't forget though, fight against the crime is far from won.
We choose to be men who wear color blue;
we believe in things that are only true.
So here we got for you a look into our world,
which is usually nasty, grim, and cold.
'This Is The Police' is the tittles name,
trust me, your world will never be the same.

My experience with This Is The Police at this point, after finishing the campaign, is more than satisfying. I was hooked almost from the get go, and the core gameplay just got me addicted on defending(offending?) law in Freeburg.

You are a chief of police in Freeburg. You are in charge of everything that is going on in your police force, while you have to deal with mafia bosses, mayor office, various other people who not always got best intentions for you.
Basically a solid management game with great story.

Game mechanics are not really hardest to grasp. All you need to do, is click on ongoing crime pop-up pick some adequate cops for the job and roll with it. Or solve cases with your detectives that are these little puzzles, you need to piece together. You are also need to fulfilling tasks from various people, or you don't have to, but be aware of consequences that might come to haunt you later.
It is kinda casual, what might fend off some people, but if you dive deeeeeeeep into role playing, you are up for a grandiose ride.

Technically its not something spectacular, but it's fulfilling its purpose.
The comic booky sequences are nice, voice over is great. Choices of music were just soothing to my ears, and make it look like, you are buying a vinyl/cassettes/CDs that you put into a player was really nice touch. Visuals of the town replica you operate in, and the UI are good, nice and clean, easy to orientate in - but to be honest few things could be done differently in terms of UI.

My biggest gripe with gameplay is definitely professionalism points.
I don't think having just +5/+10 and -5/-10 is good enough scale for something like this.
My reasoning behind this is, when you send a cop to do something easy (arrest a kid who broke a window) he will get same amount of points as doing some harder jobs (bank robbery). Also failing jobs isn't fair as well. You go to a crime scene suspect will run away -10 points; you going to a crime scene suspect will run, kill someone in the process -10 points - when you starting thinking about it, it just doesn't make a lot of sense. Or when you send them to a event just to find out, nothing was happening there just a fake out, I still think you should get at least those five points that you even bother to come there and check out the situation.
I think due to the nature of these events being scripted to some extent, it could be done little bit better. I'm not a programmer or anything like that, so I don't know how hard would be implement more fair pointing system, but if it would be done right it could only help the product adding more depth into the gameplay; and also the role playing aspect as well.

With that said I think it would even more helped in sandbox mode.
I was quite excited for sandbox mode, because when I finished story, I just wanted to play more as a chief of police and creating my own stories, and nonsense like this in my head and fantasies.
What kinda bugs me is that, same events are happening couple of times in span of few days, so basically you already encountered this event two days before so you know ho to approach it; and it is shown mostly in "fake" calls. Those should be from time to time more dangerous to not underestimate them to keep me more on the edge, so I wouldn't get to comfortable dismissing those events. But in the grand scheme of things, that sandbox can get pretty rough, it is maybe a good thing .... I don't know ... I'm little bit 50/50 on this one.
But sandbox overall is really fun to play, even with the strong RNG there.

My love interest of this game is for sure and undoubtedly campaign and the story that is told there.
Oh my god, I can't express how much I enjoyed following Jack Boyd and everything that was happening to him.
It was exciting, dramatic, funny, interesting, intense, sometimes just stale ordinary work days, it felt like a TV show - a good one. I wish this would be picked up by a HBO/AMC/ FX and made into three seasons, 10 episode each police drama. I was so invested in it, I couldn't get enough of it.

Yes, I'm aware that some people doesn't share my passion for the story.
Some say that choices doesn't really matter in this game - yeah not really, but I'm fine with it.
Some say the ending is far from being satisfying - no, it is perfect way to end the story.
Some say that we need more explanations to what happened with certain characters - and I'm fully on board with this one.

I think This Is The Police had done enough to spike interest, and deliver a lot of fun if you are able to connect on certain wave length. This is certainly NOT a truest possible police-sim-management game, because it is mostly black or white type of scenario, with black mostly being the dominant color, where everything is bad, and you should (but you don't have to) play bad if you want to stay alive and well. I don't even think it would be possible to do so - to do perfect sim of being in police.
From what I can see, and what everyone can see (hopefully) there is so many more things in doing police work, than just read a line of text and sending someone to the world based on how many professionalism points they got. There is so many variables in real world that no game ever could fully grasp what is really happening outside our homes.
If you are the type of person who will be ♥♥♥♥♥ing about a game that let you pretend to be a police man in a fictional world with own preset rules and story, then you maybe should go and try be a one in real world, if you have this unyielding need to experience true hard police work.

In the end of the day, This Is Just a Game.

Grade: A-

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