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To each and every one of you with hopes you had amazing Chrismas holidays and you are going to have the best possible and imaginable icoming 2020!
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Mutant Year Zero: Road to Eden could easily be GOTY material just for having a fox character named Farrow who calls her enemies (and soon-to-be victims) jizzwipe - which is a term I never heard before, I will never be able to get out my head and after playing this game will use on a daily basis.

In all honesty though, even without great lines of dialogue and one-liners, this is a good and solid game. Combat mechanics of XCOM are familiar enough for you to just jump right into it without any problems, while story peppered with amazing characters will just keep you reeled in and doesn't let go.

What keeps the game from a straight-A are some clunky pet peeve game design features/mechanics. In the character screen changing/equipping things takes an unnecessarily long time. Enemies are throwing grenades and molotovs over the wall at you when in theory there is a roof over you; or enemies catching you sneaking when there's no chance someone IRL would see you across that wall, but unlucky me, shouldn't get caught in that red circle of doom. Plus, my impatient ass could use a faster fast-forward mechanic. Nitpicky? Yes, but small things like this just tend to take away from my enjoyment, and I CAN'T help it *sigh*

What did bring me joy, plenty of joy, why I kept playing, purchasing the DLC right after I finished the game, were: the story and characters within. If you are like me and you spend your days just watching endless hours of television, you knew exactly where the resolution of the story was heading. The important thing, however, is always the road and how we get there. Both Mutant Year Zero: Road to Eden and Mutant Year Zero: Seed of Evil takes you on an adventure with great characters about which you simply start care about. The banter between them, their aforementioned one-liners, their design, their feelings, their unique powers - everything about them was so incredibly compelling to me, and I now want more from this world ('The Walking Dead' style TV series based on this? My GOD! I would eat it up and could never get enough). The areas of Zone were beautifully dystopian. Destruction and sense of something terrible happening everywhere you looked. Visually this game tells you everything major, only to leave you seeking for more information about how and why exactly. It helps the characters are beautifully detached from the world of "the ancients", so finding a toaster makes them think "Yup, this is a hand warmer.", which is silly, but completely believable. This whole world the team behind this game build is completely believable, and you do not even find yourself questioning why a talking, gun-wielding duo of a duck and a boar are the main characters. I need more and I want more and this game is great and you should definitely give it a go. Big recommendation from me if you enjoy XCOM style combat and love some good writing.

Grade: A-

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