Spencer   Royal Oak, Michigan, United States
Rest in paradise Gus.
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✅ Must be over level 5 in order to add me

Hobbies (outside of gaming)
✅Skiing, Football ( I am defensive end and Middle linebacker), basketball ( Power Forward)

Monitors and other stuff
✅Monitor: Acer 32" 1080p
✅Monitor2: Acer 32" 1080p
✅Monitor3: Fucking Broken
✅Keyboard: Razer Black Widow
✅Mouse: Logitech 910
✅mousepad: Steelseries Qck heavy gaming mouse pad
Computer Specs

✅ Intel Core I7 7700k
✅ MSI Geforce GTX 1080 TI
✅2 tarabyte Hard drive
✅500GB Samsung SSD
✅900w psu
✅Alienware case
✅16 gb of ram

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✟Lil Peep✟ - Public Group
Rest In Peace Gus ✟ 11.15 ✟
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Aaron Rox Jun 4 @ 10:56am 
nick is a fat ♥♥♥♥♥♥ who rages at a cartoon like game and his parents cant afford♥♥♥♥♥♥REEE
Spence Jun 2 @ 11:32am 
Because I love him with all of my heart <3
Nick B May 29 @ 3:29pm 
Why are you and ya boyfriend so salty?
Mom Is Lit? May 6 @ 4:57pm 
*kisses you and lickies your necky* daddy likes ;) *nuzzles wuzzles* i hope daddy really likes :p *wiggles butt and squirms* i have a little itch o3o *wags tail* can you please get my itch~ *puts paws on your chest* nyea! it's a seven inch itch *rubs your chest* can you help me pwease *squirms* pwetty pwese :c i need to be punished *rubs paws down your chest and bites lip* like i need to be punished really good~ *paws on your buldge as i lick my lips* i'm getting thirsty, i can go for some milk *unbuttons your pants as my eyes glow* you smell so musky :o *licks shaft* mmmm~ so musky *drools all over your♥♥♥♥♥♥ your daddy meat i like *fondles mr fuzzy* oh god i'm so hard~ *licks balls* punish me daddy~ nyea *squirms more and wiggles butt* i love your musky goodness *bites lip* please punish me *licks lips* nyea~ *suckles on your tip* so good *licks pre of your♥♥♥♥♥♥salty goodness - eyes roll back and goes balls deep* mmmm~ *moans and suckles*
Spence Apr 8 @ 4:17pm 
J. Thompson Apr 8 @ 3:25pm