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Unlocked Oct 8 @ 5:44pm

All this power … from a crystal?

Got the generator working
Unlocked Oct 8 @ 8:14pm


Found Arthur
Unlocked Oct 8 @ 5:47pm

Avoided the consequences

Let Dougal take the blame
Unlocked Oct 8 @ 8:12pm


Overcome hurdles at the dam
Unlocked Oct 8 @ 7:27pm

Godspeed Sir Fuzzlepuff

Travelled to Clonfira as Lily
Unlocked Oct 8 @ 5:54pm

I did this all by myself

Make breakfast
Unlocked Oct 8 @ 7:55pm

I'm gonna call you Bugsy

Made a new friend
Unlocked Oct 8 @ 8:10pm

Involving a certain microwave casserole

Ruined lunch
Unlocked Oct 8 @ 5:37pm

It's dangerous to go alone

Ask for a solution
Unlocked Oct 8 @ 7:49pm


Helped Merr fix a machine and return home
Unlocked Oct 8 @ 6:02pm

Never suspected a thing

Took out the informant
Unlocked Oct 8 @ 8:19pm

Not too late

Saved Aidan
Unlocked Oct 8 @ 8:25pm

Now, I am alone

Gave Merr wanted he wanted… sort of
Unlocked Oct 8 @ 5:53pm

Silly Doggy

Distracted Dougal once only
Unlocked Oct 8 @ 8:26pm

There and back again

Complete The Little Acre
Unlocked Oct 8 @ 5:54pm

Welcome to Clonfira

Travelled to Clonfira as Aidan
Unlocked Oct 8 @ 5:26pm

Welcome to The Little Acre

Get dressed without waking Lily

Let go of my hand

Didn't ask for any solutions

Probably used a walkthrough

Didn't ask for any hints

The Little Speedrun

Beat the game in less than 1 hour

Wibble wobble

Apparently you’re ready for this jelly

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