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Funny logs from the good ol' days
cωυтιεριε: Either stoer gets on anytime in 1/2 hours
cωυтιεριε: or i kill myself for reals

cωυтιεριε: Maybe I was born to be treated like shit, Maybe I was born to be abused.. Physically and mentally. Maybe even, I was born to be doomed to be forever alone and forever single... Maybe, I was just born to go kill myself. Yeah, If people really want me gone then, Might as well do it sooner than later.
cωυтιεριε: Shit sorry, wrong person ;/

[[5'5" / Curvaceous Ec...] says "Just would rather be ridin' a good cock right about now."

UU-CmD.420 has banned '-(BREAD)-thebiggerboat3' for 1 hour(s) (leet me erp plez).

Danielle Jones has used '/W So you like dicks, eh?'.
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-(trade.tf)-thebiggerboat3 Jun 17 @ 4:13pm 
What's with all of these random fake grill accounts friending me? Is China finally making a move?
-(trade.tf)-thebiggerboat3 Apr 18 @ 12:49pm 
Meh'Bals R-Sor Apr 18 @ 4:33am 
You were chugging so hard I was worried about you. Just wanted to check in and make sure you are okay. You're really good with that halberd btw..... Lol
-(trade.tf)-thebiggerboat3 Apr 17 @ 7:02pm 
Which defeated casual are you? Or were you the parry practice♥♥♥♥♥who just rolled abunch because he sucked at parrying and then spammed the dark hand to win?
Meh'Bals R-Sor Apr 17 @ 6:53pm 
LOL, GG..... Scrub
-(trade.tf)-thebiggerboat3 Mar 28 @ 12:15am 
The Darkness II's ending is a punch in the gut after you just had a good meal. Another HL3.