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Funny logs from the good ol' days
cωυтιεριε: Either stoer gets on anytime in 1/2 hours
cωυтιεριε: or i kill myself for reals

cωυтιεριε: Maybe I was born to be treated like shit, Maybe I was born to be abused.. Physically and mentally. Maybe even, I was born to be doomed to be forever alone and forever single... Maybe, I was just born to go kill myself. Yeah, If people really want me gone then, Might as well do it sooner than later.
cωυтιεριε: Shit sorry, wrong person ;/

[[5'5" / Curvaceous Ec...] says "Just would rather be ridin' a good cock right about now."

UU-CmD.420 has banned '-(BREAD)-thebiggerboat3' for 1 hour(s) (leet me erp plez).

Danielle Jones has used '/W So you like dicks, eh?'.
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-(CHEATER)-thebiggerboat3 Apr 18 @ 12:49pm 
Meh'Bals R-Sor Apr 18 @ 4:33am 
You were chugging so hard I was worried about you. Just wanted to check in and make sure you are okay. You're really good with that halberd btw..... Lol
-(CHEATER)-thebiggerboat3 Apr 17 @ 7:02pm 
Which defeated casual are you? Or were you the parry practice fag who just rolled abunch because he sucked at parrying and then spammed the dark hand to win?
Meh'Bals R-Sor Apr 17 @ 6:53pm 
LOL, GG..... Scrub
-(CHEATER)-thebiggerboat3 Mar 28 @ 12:15am 
The Darkness II's ending is a punch in the gut after you just had a good meal. Another HL3.
-(CHEATER)-thebiggerboat3 Mar 13 @ 11:27pm 
Well, Stephen Hawking died today. 07, right up there next to Isaac and Einstein.