Aleksandr Ἰησοῦς Χριστός   Moskva, Russian Federation
Real time Politics (Russiyn Goveraiment) 2015.


repairman personal computers, assistant Office of the President, politician+ Administration of the State and the masses, strategic control of the geopolitical perspectives, a professional psychologist who owns the strategic levers of global governance of the Universe. Also studied neuro linguistic programming techniques ERICSON NLP HYPNOSIS strategy control the masses ..... ............ <. Top Secret informations in DNK.
went to the army service
army service 2001-2003.

army service

Radar sky location. Sergeant II second article. (machine-gun squad leader).

Interests & Activities
psychologist. consultant. driver. protection. Computer repair and maintenance programonogo software and security. hypnosis. repair of motor vehicles. seller. scientist. philosopher ..........

I from Russia. (FORMATION((EDUCATION)) I DO NOT WORK, AS HERE WORKS - NOT EXISTING, CLEVER PEOPLE WHICH RECEIVE knowledge from (nature). I have not usual abilities for the person who is necessary to be developed, I can calculate the person on it(him) (it((him)) kiber communication(connection) гинетика ability to a various kind not traditional sciences on an example such as the forecast of elements either можетли it (it((he)) or ана to act on a presence(finding) of the person on the other continent. I develop them. And ани in me. I here in Russia CAN NOT WORK, HERE NOT WHERE TO WORK In the WAVE of SPHERE ГИНЕТИКИ the BRAIN of the PERSON. And TRANSFERS of IDEA TO BE ON VARIOUS for the BASES (GROUND) KANTINENTAH. I KNOW, THAT In YOU in the west SUCH PEOPLE ARE NECESSARY. I HAVE ANALYTICALLY the KIND ON the PERSON whom I CAN READ to IDEAS IN PART. IF there will be a GROUP of SUCH PEOPLE AS I, THAT WE CAN DO(MAKE) (DO((MAKE)) the FORECAST FOR SUCH SUBJECTS AS the PLANE, EITHER TRAIN, OR the PRESIDENT OR EVEN by EVERYTHING, THAT IS ON ANY OBJECT (PURPOSE), we CAN DO(MAKE) (DO((MAKE)) the FORECAST And FOR РАНИЕ TO INFORM, THAT With IT (IT((HIM)) HAPPEN IF IT (IT((HE)) AT OUR CONTROL (MANAGEMENT) of CONSCIOUSNESS. And IT SHOULD BE ADVANCED to ME MORE AND MORE. I TO WANT TO WORK For YOU IF IT IS POSSIBLE?. FOR MISTAKES MINE I the ENGLISH LANGUAGE AWFULLY I KNOW the JUSTIFICATION. I HOPE FOR YOUR ANSWER. You can create your profile in another language. Yours faithfully to you: Georg Alexandr

Real time Politics (Russiyn Goveraiment) 2015.
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