oliwier.guliwer PL
oliwier k   Poland
i am a polish gamer . and am a male.
i love games set during ww2.
i like rts game's and fps game's.
i like playing support roles like medic's in game's.
games i play at most times :

war thunder
h&g : when frend is up on steam
gmod : when frend is up on steam
arma 3
ro2/rs2 this are one of the best team fps game's i ever played. mostly becose they take teamwork to win match's
rts game's . depend's on my mood what rts game i play
favorite torture device's for self harm
rainbow six siege . well they made it unfun for me
game's i finished the singleplayer campain's in

operation flashpoint cwc and resistance
arma 3 campain.
arma 2 combined arms 100% finished
arma 1 gold compleatly 100% finished
coh 1 and dlc's
all mow and there standalone expansion pack's
all half life games
codename panzers cold war
S.T.A.L.K.E.R all of the game
blitzkrieg 3
and meny....meny more . i have no life . please help me
childhood games :

bf2 and bfbc3
call of duty mw 3 : yes i played the shit out of it
and....project snowblind. end my life please
mod's i played

R&L : ro2 on the source engine. sadly not allot of pepole play it now
call of charnobyl
zombie panic source
smod redux : it's hl2 with more gun's
smod tacticle : it's a slightly slower pase hl2
no more room in hell
heroes of the west mod
game's i played that i liked that are dead :

heroes of the west ro2 mod
battlefield 2 : sadly most of the player base is fragmented on difrent revivle project's
battlefield 2142 : not allot of pepole know of revivel project's for this game
resistance & liberation hl2 mod
game's i don't recomend buying or playing :

1 faces of war :
2 project snowblind :
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