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KKM [dq1 mlp.pt Apr 6 @ 5:12am 
Hi, i saw you and your team plays many time on csgo.fastcup tournaments. I just sending comment because sometimes they dont have slots for every teams on their tournaments and we on Exeedme are doing tournaments with good prizes too. This weekend we will have a 1vs1 tournament on saturday and on sunday we will have a 2vs2, bot at 17:00 Moscow.

If you think this is scamm, just search for on google for Exeedme or check my steam.

Thanks and i hope you enjoy it. Best Regards mate.
A-likk kavkaz.pro Apr 4 @ 12:31pm 
+rep krutoi 4el
flutejawn; Apr 4 @ 9:50am 
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flutejawn; Apr 4 @ 9:49am 
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flutejawn; Apr 4 @ 9:47am 
all olf your miserable family will die in burn ♥♥♥♥♥♥♥ bot