I am the true MeeMFromHH. If there's anyone else around with the same name and picture, believe they are impersonators.
Check out MeeMFromHH (that's me) on Youtube and Gamejolt! []


So... You wanna be my friend, huh? Well, there are rules to follow!

1 - I do not accept friend requests from people with a pornographic name and/or pic. I don't have any of these as my friends, and I don't want anyone like that. Want to be my friend? Just make sure you don't have any of these things, then send me a request.

2 - Do not add me only if you want to offer me something, like a trade. You know we can trade even if we're not friends. Unless you actually want to enjoy spending time with me, then I might keep you around. But if you just want to add me to offer me something, not only will I refuse the offer, but unfriend you as well.

3 - Do not chat spam. I am a pacific person, so if anyone becomes my friend, begins talking with me on the chat, and keeps spamming lots of stuff (especially the same thing over and over), they will be unfriended. Want to stay being my friend? Do not spam me in chat, and it'll be alright.

4 - Do not expect me to start a conversation with you. I am a reserved person, and also extremely shy. I never start a conversation with someone else, unless they are a really close friend, if I need to tell them something (or ask them something) or if it's something urgent. Other than that, I'll never start a conversation myself (because I am incredibly shy).

5 - No insults. I take insults as friend, friendly insults are funny, but if you add me just for the purpose of non-friendly insults, I will unfriend you AND block you!

6 - No impersonation! I do not take impersonation cases as a joke. I take them extremely seriously. If I see that you are impersonating me, I will unfriend you (if you are in my friends list), block you AND report you for impersonation, no questions asked.

So you scrolled all the way down here thinking there would be some good info or secret stuff about me?
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I am the famed (not yet) MeeMFromHH! If you check my channel on youtube, you'll see many things!
I make FF2 bosses, although I used to help people make their bosses in the past, recently I've been getting more and more busy, so now I only work for myself and Dapper Stars. If you needed my help with a boss, be it adding textures, rigging, making an OC, or even finding audios (something I'm a pro at), too bad, you're late. I don't help others anymore. Not even if they're a close friend (unless it's Waails, because we're boss-making partners). However, there may be some times where I'll want to collab with a friend to make a boss together. This is to improve the boss idea in general and make the boss more fun to play.

I have depression and anxiety. Take it easy when you talk to me, okay?
For that same reason, I tend to blame myself for things that weren't even my fault, or that I had nothing to do with... It's just the way I work. Depression + Anxiety sucks, a lot.

I currently work for:
-WaailsCleanTrash (Member of his team [The WCTeam] and Admin in his Discord server)
-Dapper Stars (FF2 and Slender Fortress Admin and Monster Maker in Discord Server and FF2 Server)
-M76030 (Moderator in his Discord Server)

My dream unusual: Orbiting Planets Caribbean Conqueror [ACQUIRED (Thanks to DarkLegion)]

Other unusuals I want:
Unusual Frickin' Sweet Ninja Hood (Scout Misc, unsure about the effect)
Unusual Dr's Dapper Topper (All class, but I mainly use it on my Spy, unsure about the effect)
Unusual Blighted Beak (Medic Misc, unsure about the effect)

Communities I gave up on (This means I completely lost interest in them, and do not plan on returning any time soon):

-Hampshire Heavies (No, I will not change my name to something else)
-FF2 for JuegosPablo

Some may believe I gave up on NecGaming as well, but it was sort of temporary. I still go back there sometimes, and may slowly completely return with time.

When you type my name, TYPE BOTH M'S IN MEEM IN UPPERCASE!
So many people type "Meem" instead of "MeeM". It's a small thing, but it pisses me off. My name is not MeemFromHH. It's MeeMFromHH.

I write stories, and I can even take commissions for them.
If you want a commission, check out the prices here. []

Profile Pic: Me as Pipimi from Pop Team Epic (Thanks Waails)

My birthday is on the 17th of November

Age: 19

Gender: Male

Sexual Orientation: Straight (Sorry, dudes who are interested in me, but you guys will have to find another man. I'm not homophobic, though.)

Relationship Status: Single

I am into: FPS Games (Mostly TF2, and sometimes Overwatch); RPG Games; Good Music (Mainly Videogame Soundtracks); Animes; Mature Content (call me a pervert if you like, but I don't care); etc...

I am an otaku & a bit of a weeb, and I am not afraid to confess it. I don't care what others think of me.

In TF2:
-I main Soldier (He's also my most played class, for obvious reasons)
-My second main is Scout
-My third main is Spy
-My least played class is Medic (not that good at support)
-I suck at Sniper

In Overwatch:
-My main is Reaper
-My second main is Lucio
-My third main is Junkrat (I think)
-I totally suck at Ana

FF2 Bosses I developed:
-Prisoner Scout (To make use of a model I found)
-Professor Pyromaniac (To make use of a skin I found)
-Goof Merasmus (Stupid OC)
-Bacon Pardner (My own Gmod Freak)
-The Templar (OC)
-Skeleton Sniper (To make use of a model I found)
-The Strangler (To make use of a skin I found + another GMod freak I made)
-Meth-High Sniper (Stupid OC)
-Chara (Undertale)
-MLG Heavy (OC)
-Electromaniac (OC)
-Death Machine (From StBlackSt's videos)
-White Face (Imscared)
-Bodybag (Spooky's Jump Scare Mansion)
-Randoman (Stupid OC)
-Ghost Cow (Spooky's Jump Scare Mansion)
-Space Soldier (OC)
-Hangman (Spooky's Jump Scare Mansion)
-namomeD (Stupid OC)
-Contained Sneakscoper (OC)
-The Soul Reaper (OC)
-Swag Spy (OC)
-The Steampunk Gentlemann (My Best Friend's OC)
-W. D. Gaster (Undertale)
-Douchespoi (A character by Waails)
-Saint Medic (OC)
-Textureless Spy (OC)
-The Elric Brothers (Fullmetal Alchemist)
-GIR (Invader Zim)
-Ripper Roo (Crash Bandicoot)
-Funtime Freddy (Five Nights at Freddy's Sister Location)
-Levi (Attack on Titan)
-Cuphead (Cuphead)
-Amplus Barpo (Freak by Payton Tate)
-Hat Kid (A Hat in Time)
-The Showstopper (OC)
-Unscarred Battler (OC)
-Robo-SoldierBot (OC)
-Killing Mann (Another one of my GMod Freaks)
-Greed (OC)
-Baron Medi-Mage (Yet another GMod Freak)
-Double (My final GMod freak, based on a character from an existing game)
-The Brick Buckets (A team of OCs invented by me) (No longer public, removed due to reasons I will not share)
-The Dragonborn (The Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim)
-Popuko and Pipimi (Pop Team Epic)
-B4R0N M.E.D.I-BOT (Robotic version of Baron Medi-Mage)
-Ryuk (Death Note)

Info about my OC:
Because why the fuck not?

RED Soldier with:
Caribbean Conqueror (Painted Muskelmannbraun)
Brawling Buccaneer (Also painted Muskelmannbraun)
Mistaken November (Painted After Eight)

Professional Killstreak Original
Strange Killstreak Shotgun
The Escape Plan

Map of residence: Degroot Keep

-He plays to win (mostly)
-He is nice to his friends
-He ignores insults towards him
-When he wants to be a dick, he is a dick
-Aims to get more recognition
-Is a total weirdo sometimes
-Is mostly a loner
-Can come up with totally new words unknown to the english vocabulary when insulting someone.
-Sees MeeMs (the wooden Medic TF2 Freak) as his underlings.
-Secretly likes buckets. (But PLEASE, for the love of God, don't make fun of him/me for that)
-Transforms into Blitzkrieg MeeM when he's pissed.
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