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samlii Aug 30 @ 5:55am 
Thanks for the trade! +rep
snegler Jul 29 @ 8:54am 
Excellent trader!
speedmaster24 Jul 9 @ 2:47pm 
If you are wondering btw I actually code IOS apps (not android as its different coding languages)
and due to the way IOS apps are made which is a different coding language from unity and not useful for game creation in the slightest from my understanding there is a tool that lets you shift a unity project onto mobile only problem is that can end up being problematic in many situations. (dont quote me as I haven't used said tool yet I just know you cant make games hardly at all with IOS development languages) so it would stand to reason in his efforts to make the games work on both pc and Phone (as I assume unity has a similar method with android) he wasn't porting a game that was made for mobile but to instead make a game that works on both platforms because seriously why would he put it on flash games websites if it wasn't his intent to just make a fun puzzle game he enjoyed making.

sorry for the long comments I type alot
speedmaster24 Jul 9 @ 2:40pm 
Hello while I dont entirely disagree with your opinion the problem is the fact that they are unity games not mobile ports in fact some of them you can find appeared on flash game websites before others and sometimes steam before others and sometimes mobile before the others, the games were actually made and posted on all platforms at almost the same time simply due to the fact that unity games can work on all platforms, so It would be assumed they are not mobile ports but simply the creators style of game that makes them feel like mobile games while also being multi platform.
tho I do agree that there are some points where he is a bit lazy but I forgive it under the pretense this is his hobby and not job and his goal isnt to please but to make a functioning puzzle game.
speedmaster24 Jul 8 @ 10:58pm 
Hi I just came to bug you about doing your research before writing a review this is in regards to your naboki review and the things you said without doing any research, stop confusing people buddy.
MLD May 23 @ 3:51pm 
C'mon James your favorite game is not even 100% complete.