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Jun 10 @ 10:20pm
In topic Just what I was looking for!
Thank you very much! Hope you have fun!
Seems to be a lot of votes for Whips..... I wonder why? :P
Jun 7 @ 3:41am
In topic Geddo
He just needed a body guard and Finn kicked♥♥♥♥♥in the arena :D
Jun 2 @ 11:44pm
In topic How long ?
There's a lot of content to unlock but as it's a roguelike it depends a lot on your play style and your skill.
Jun 2 @ 8:20pm
In topic EX-dodge is a little too effective
Thanks for the feedback, we will look into it!
Jun 2 @ 8:20pm
In topic How long ?
Depends on how development goes and what features we need to add. It's a process so we don't have a clear date.
Originally posted by Fred0710:
Duel crossbows mini crossbows or any ranged weapon doesn't have to be supper effective idk make it out you into health debt with every shot

DUAL CROSBOWS. That's some terrifying♥♥♥♥♥♥
Title says it all. We already have the next one mapped out but I am curious to see what you guys want?
Damn, you guys are digging deep! Thanks for enjoying the game so much! We will have a lot more content for you guys to enjoy soon :)
May 29 @ 7:16pm
In topic Resolution setting ?
Heya, this is in the works but our focus has been on getting the games optimisation in line before we push onto higher resolutions.
May 26 @ 11:00pm
In topic Game is not working now....
That's strange, when was the last time you played? We have't pushed any updates in a week or so.
May 26 @ 8:17pm
In topic No steam cloud?
Hey there, we do support Steam Cloud now, I just forgot to upfate the metadata! Hope this helps :)
May 25 @ 12:13am
In topic Died when I killed my boss
Yes you do.
It's not impossible but it is unlikely at the moment. We are finishing up the console ports right now and then the team is looking into new and exciting adventures!
May 17 @ 1:11am
In topic jiggle physics ?
Originally posted by Jack Hammer:
Originally posted by KnxGuy:

u live in the EU and your blind to SJW ism?

are you serious....

The freaking UK wants to BAN PORN unless you get a damn Age ID... that literally SJW right there...

you probably cant see them becasue YOU ARE ONE.

go outside once and while and youll see real womens chests moving even in damn sports bras ffs. stone chest women is extremely off putting... the animations atm are rigid and weird looking.

im deving a game myself too, my FIRST mission was jiggle physics. physics to clothings, chests, thighs, wepons. all ads to the atmosphere and look to the game.

the fact you think 'jiggle physics = hentai/porn' game reveals more about where your mind is at than people that want them...

What game? You piqued my interest at "jiggle physics"... got any clothing damage? :)

Nothing like that, I'm afraid.
Interesting idea, if you would like this let us know!
May 16 @ 8:23pm
In topic Jump Scares?
There are some but not many, Yuppie is more about building fear
May 15 @ 9:23pm
In topic Why no Savegames when I want?
Heya, this is a design decision based on increasing the potential for risk and therefore horror. It also makes the witch paper an important resource.
May 15 @ 1:20am
In topic Recover sacrifice after beating a boss
Originally posted by George:
lol that's brutal. So there's an optimal way of picking fights, it seems.

Also, the giant is a freaking nightmare lol

There's no optimal path IMO but there's some people out there with good ideas. I recommend joining and joining the SINNER channel, frankly, the community is better at SINNER than we are at this point haha
May 14 @ 9:36pm
In topic GPU temp skyrockets
Hmmmmm that's super strange, I will get our QA guys to have a look at this!
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