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Sena Clarke   Hong Kong
Hey! You found my profile! Hello, I am Sena and I play mainly TF2 and CSGO. I trade in both of them but much less in CSGO now. I am willing to accept offers but do not add me, and, if you do leave a comment as to why. IF YOU ADD PLEASE COMMENT FIRST!
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Selling all of these, check my for prices.
If you are here to trade then just send an offer. If you want to negotiate too THEN COMMENT ON MY PROFILE BUT DO NOT ADD ME STRAIGHT AWAY! I WILL REJECT ALL FRIEND REQUESTS UNLESS YOU COMMENT ON MY PROFILE! All scammers and sharkers will be instantly rejected and blocked! I will not fall for OPskins and SteamAdmin scam attempts. I know the worth of my items AND I DON'T DO PAYPAL SO DON'T TRY IT NO MATTER HOW GOOD THE OFFER IS! I always check SteamRep so don't even try scammers! I am accepting pure offers for the BoA and insanely high unusual overpay offers! Check my outpost for all my trades and have a great day!
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✪.Zekos.. Aug 13 @ 7:42pm 
Hello there can we trade ?
Psycho Aug 6 @ 5:47am 
Colonel Barrage Jul 27 @ 8:16pm 
+rep pears are healthy and tasty would recommand 13/10
f1xer Jul 27 @ 5:37pm 
+rep ;3
toast #RemoveRandomCrits Jul 26 @ 5:51pm 
+reppear my heart after what they did to me :steamsad:
Ripper Dragonix [MvM/Unbox] Jul 17 @ 11:21pm 
Added you, but so far no response. Whenever you add me we will be able to negotiate