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Nothing but theory grinding and movement riding :sunglasses:

Circle Strafe Community has a fetish for me UwU

Spying is truly a dead art I miss the old days before 0 lerp and "chaining" with no thought behind it. Can't we go back to a time where spy was about movement consciousness and truly outplaying the enemy instead of abusing net code?

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Rocket Man

Spy main with a lot of theory and snakes, don't forget snakes. :WhiteWolfInterset:

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Sale Aug 8 @ 7:58pm 
+rep, mans sat down next to me <3
spoyo Aug 8 @ 5:57pm 
+rep weirdo xD, good overall, great sportsmanship could be better but i understand. gl out there mate <3
Sale Aug 3 @ 10:12pm 
Honestly? An extremely good spy player, despite my braindead skills he's actually very good, respect him when you see him
spy? Jul 24 @ 12:48am 
subbed to ur youtube
Strax Jun 7 @ 12:26am 
snake review
AlohaTf2 Dec 11, 2021 @ 11:38pm 
Math math amat amtamh