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Well um, it's been a crazy start to the year and some pretty big stuff happened. But school year's over, so let's have some fun and enjoy the break while we still can :)

Kinda late to the party but this whole album slaps

:AHiragana::IHiragana::UHiragana::EHiragana::OHiragana: Pretty big weeb, ngl :AKatakana::IKatakana::UKatakana::EKatakana::OKatakana:

Demo Main :sticky::sticky::sticky:

Pic not made by the gr8 Taco , he's still gr8 anyway
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I love TF2 and I've met some really cool people in the community! Even though I've basically stopped playing, I don’t think I’ll ever find a game that leaves the same impact.

Here’s my competitive experience
6s demo
ESEA Open S23: *Insert Good Name Here* 0-3 (team died)
UGC Steel S26: Korean the House 5-3 (14th)
UGC Steel S27: Kings of the Hill 5-3 (10th)
RGL IM S3: Kings is the Hill 4-12 (30th)

6s med
RGL IM S1: Matches Ain't a Medic 9-7 (7th), 1-1 playoffs
med is so stressful, my gosh

Yeah, those placements kinda suck, but hey, I've had a ton of fun playing comp with friends :) Also I did this and I'm super proud

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