Who I am?:
A silly guy with silly needs :cozyteddymoo:

Gaming Style:
Casual, Score/Time Attack, Custom Game Rule :cleankey:

Most Interested:
Night Racing, Tower Defense, Cooperative, Mech Combat, Horror FPS :thepentagram:

The Least Interested:
Defeat human players as competition objective :steamfacepalm:

Gaming Concept:
Teamwork against computer is meaningful than player killing player. The weak shouldn't die feeding the strong; The Strong could guide the weak for reward. :summer2019flag:

English, Chinese, Malay

Gaming Since:
Year 1997 :steammocking:

Former Occupation:
Photographer, Designer, IT Educator, Modder, Social Media Creator

Steam Login:
Almost Daily :cleanhourglass:

What I do the most?
1. Take screenshots
2. Write game review
3. Create gaming Artworks (Animated images, Tagline)
4. Thumb-up your post :47_thumb_up:

I had written many game review, you may find one you like: :steamhappy:

Let's be friend if we have similar game! But private profile will not be entertained :steambored:

Origin ID: SecretAgentKiiN
Uplay ID: SecretAgentKiiN
Xbox Profile: SecretAgentKiiN

Gaming Spec:
OS: Window 10 Pro
Processor: AMD Ryzen 5 3600x 3.8Ghz
RAM: 16GB 3000 mhz
GPU: Nvidia GTX 1070
Monitor Refresh Rate: 165 Hz
Game Controller: Xbox 360
VR device: No :steamsad:

Why do I spend money on Game?
1. We can support for future game developement
2. Automatic cloud storage (Save file, screenshot)
3. Multiplayers, leardboard ranking :sfsmile:
4. Steam overlay, allow us looking for Guideline & Discussion
5. Allow us to write Guide & Discussion
6. Automatic update & patch
7. Post a game review
8. Share gaming experince
9. Game hour listed
10. Legal
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Read before you comment
Many "Attackers" love to drop comment to keep remind me & focus on silly things I said in the past. I would assume you are one of them if you comment in such manner:

❌ Compare my performance with Granpa / Grandma = Assume as humor
❌ Compare my work with S h i t / Poop = Assume as humor
❌ Nitpicking & Enlarge my faulty
❌ Tell me I have no information at all
❌ Tell me I have biased, but you have none
❌ Tell me I'm absolutely lost point
❌ Tell me I have no idea what I'm talking about
❌ Tell me I failed from the beginning
❌ Tell me nobody is reading this
❌ Your opinion is always right, my opinion is useless two cents
❌ Assume you know what's my intention
❌ Ask me no question, I have no chance to explain
❌ Remind me again, my English is poor
✔️ Tell me your question first, criticize later
✔️ Ask a precise question with good manner
✔️ Eg. What do you mean about ___?
✔️ Eg. Why do you react such cold analysis?
✔️ Eg. How did you miss the point?
✔️ Respect different region culture
✔️ Respect different like & dislike

If you have symptom of ❌, I will delete all your comment & block your account
If you have symptom of ✔️, then we can talk.
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