SecretAgentKiiN 特务健
Public Message:
Please don't hate me because of my English is level 1 :cozyteddymoo:

Gaming Style:
Casual, Score/Time Attack, Custom Game Rule :cleankey:

Most Interested:
Night Racing, Tower Defense, Cooperative, Mech Combat, Horror FPS :thepentagram:

The Least Interested:
Defeat human players as competition objective :steamfacepalm:

Gaming Concept:
Teamwork against computer is meaningful than player killing player. The weak shouldn't die feeding the strong; The Strong could guide the weak for reward. :summer2019flag:

English, Chinese, Malay

Gaming Since:
Year 1997 :steammocking:

Former Occupation:
Photographer, Modder, Designer, IT Educator, Social Media Creator

Steam Login:
Almost Daily :cleanhourglass:

What I do the most?
1. Take screenshots
2. Write game review
3. Create gaming Artworks (Animated images, Tagline)
4. Thumb-up your post :47_thumb_up:

I had written many game review, you may find one you like: :steamhappy:

Let's be friend if we have similar game! But private profile will not be entertained :steambored:

Origin ID: SecretAgentKiiN
Uplay ID: SecretAgentKiiN
Xbox Profile: SecretAgentKiiN

Gaming Spec:
OS: Window 10 Pro
Processor: AMD Ryzen 5 3600x 3.8Ghz
RAM: 16GB 3000 mhz
GPU: Nvidia RTX 4060
Monitor Refresh Rate: 165 Hz
Game Controller: Xbox 360

Why do I spend money on Game?
1. We can support for future game development
2. Automatic cloud storage (Save file, screenshot)
3. Multiplayers, leaderboard ranking :sfsmile:
4. Steam overlay, allow us look for Guideline & Discussion
5. Allow us to write Guide & Discussion
6. Automatic update & patch
7. Post a game review
8. Share gaming experience
9. Game hour listed
10. Legal
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Read before you comment
I will only spend time on you when you're able :

✔️ Friendly
❌ Rude

✔️ Speak clearly
❌ Speak Alien Language

✔️ Ask question first, criticize later
❌ Deliver confusing criticism

✔️ Discuss for a peaceful solution
❌ Drop a problem / comment & never reply

✔️ Respect a gamer is playing & write differently
❌ Disrespect a gamer is playing & write differently

✔️ Respect others weak & poor gamer
❌ Disrespect all the weak & poor gamer

If you have symptom of ✔️, then we can talk. But
If you have too much symptom of ❌, that's meaningless
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SecretAgentKiiN 特务健 Nov 27 @ 3:01am 
Thanks for the compliment 😁 glad to know this format is still helping. Hope that people still appreciate my effort 🙏
Alix_I_Guess? Nov 26 @ 11:31pm 
I just had to tell you that your process for reviewing a game (read your review for Outlast 2) was the most put together, easy to understand, well organized, helpful, informative, and easy to read and apply to make a decision that I have EVER come across and I felt the need to complement you on being so awesome. You used the review system to actually help people and we need more people like you.
SecretAgentKiiN 特务健 Nov 23 @ 5:21pm 
@ Hi 落雨啦. We talk about this in a Steam chat.
落雨啦 Nov 22 @ 5:19pm 
Hi buddy, would you like to try this game that's particularly popular in China, called 'The Book of Warriors'? It's a strategy game, with each round taking about 20 minutes and it's really fun. And it's quite cheap in price, thought you might wanna have a try. Hope you enjoy the game!
"If you don't like this game recommendation, would you be willing to add me and tell me the reason? Whether it's good or bad, I'm willing to listen. I just hope you won't ignore me.
Starfield Nov 7 @ 8:47pm 
Kali Nov 2 @ 10:26am