Revolver Pinkie Pool
bodine weber   Crestline, California, United States
If you add me, tell me why i ncomments. If yo uadd me for trading, tell me the item yo uwant to trade and i will tell you wether or not i'm interested i n trading said item.

My Xbox One profile is Pinkie p00l. Hit me up if you want to play some time ;3
My Playstation account is death_revenent So hit me up on there as well :3

Yes i am a brony, no i dont love and tolerate assholes who start shit for no reason. So dont start anything about me being a brony and i won't pull your lungs out through your chest.BRONY PRIDE METER:
██████████████████████████████████████████████████ 100%
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some people are just salty, Master. Don't worry though, your pet will always be there for you <3
Revolver Pinkie Pool Jul 13 @ 11:10pm 
So, if you really want to continue this, please waste your time, i have no problem wasting mine. if not, then drop it. More than likely we're not gonna see each other again.
Revolver Pinkie Pool Jul 13 @ 11:07pm 
Also in while i can't argue the connection or the triple weapon distance (Again, i have no way of fixing a connection issue with ONE person, hitting someone fro mthe opposite direction is easily done wit hthe ulrta greatsword considering the second hit you drag it forward and bring it up, slamming it behind you. That still counts as a hit
Revolver Pinkie Pool Jul 13 @ 11:06pm 
"TheMysticMage <3 Jul 9 @ 10:28pm
Fuck you. Win via lag then act all though. Hitting me from triple weapon distance away, swinging the opposite direction and hitting me, and you act like it's cool. Man, people like you make the game not fun. Fix your connection and fight for real." Sounds like you were salty. Also you're getting pissed over our internet connections not meshing, thats a problem neither of us can fix easily considering to my knowledge, you're one of the only people i have the problem with, And again, i 3 shot you. of course i'm gonna flaunt it in game, stop getting upset and let this go
[Stalin 2.0] JamaJuice Jul 13 @ 10:35pm 
I have 13 damn comment notifications right here
TheMysticMage <3 Jul 13 @ 9:46pm 
I mean I'm only a salty asshole to you if I said somethign that upset you. I said nothing untrue. Also when I say triple weapon distance away, I mean triple that weapon's distance. You hit me from the bonfire I was halfway to the skeleton ball. Like wut. Also you talked shit first, stop trying to impress nobody. Nobody's reading this except you lol. I left a message on your profile after you started acting all good because nah brah lol you ain't good if you win on lag, and crit someone who's mid-roll. That's you being given an advantage becasue the game wasn't working right, by acting tough afterwards you make yourself look bad. As though you don't normally win lol