bruh xd
Im danish ok?! привет вам :D   Canada
If you want to add me give me a reason in the comments, else it is a ignore IM WARNING YOU!

Games i use to play


My rank in CSGO Silver elite master

ecks dee
oh, hi there, im Oliver (Cyka Memes) dunno why, but im bout to show ya all how my life has been with csgo ecks dee. (have you ever had a knife you bought youre self?) nope i got 2 from my friend i lost some months after and yeh dont care anymoar cus im not playing it lol, if im playing on steam its pubg
Just Dolan Mar 14 @ 7:24am 
Happy Bday!
bruh xd Jan 3 @ 9:50am 
It is Botfuchs but i need to upload
Lil Snus Jan 3 @ 5:08am 
pls I is your bigest faaan giv link to your youtubes
bruh xd Jan 3 @ 3:01am 
BillClintonGivesLuck i do youtube mann ;D
Lil Snus Sep 12, 2017 @ 8:37am 
you are so funny
Lil Snus Sep 12, 2017 @ 8:37am 
plz make youtube