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hi guys,

i am with honor that i will not

accept too much friend requests,

no private accounts please

will not accept any trades and advertisments,

i will not go to the links in chats because it might be a scam,

if you want to trade with me i cant because i got market banned

if your desperate to trade with me wait until May 3rd

please do not chat spam everyday,

i will not accept any phony groups,

and i do not care if i won something in a game i do not own

i will report anyone doing one of those things

thank you for understanding ~ ChairModeActicated*BOOP*

PS, http://store.steampowered.com heres a link if u want to change your HUD and if you want to play on a glubbable slender server ( its a us server) heres the ip:
and if you dont know how to use ip's, get in console, type in connect and youll be fine.oh and if you want to know or tell me anything about the rules, please send me a comment.

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