Dysthymia-kun (Flippy)
Peter   Hungary
Please turn away and go, while you can!

I don't want anything, and my temporary goals are dead.
I don't want anyone to think about me as a kind person, because it's just the surface. The infection is in the deep.
I don't want to live because of myself.
Noone wants a whining,childish boy.

I've started to get interest in visual novels. Played ones: Everlasting Summer and Nekopara (Vol.1. and 0.) (Steam), Katawa Shoujo and Grisaia no Kajitsu (non-Steam).
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A short info section
If you don't know me, let me warn you: if you have your mind, then you ought to escape from this profile page! It won't be worth for you to add me, or to stay with me. You will regret it - like everyone else did - , if you do.

I'm an adult, but I still act like a child. Others say that I'm clever, but I think, I'm way stupider than they think. I should grow up, but I can't. Others say I should go out of my dark emotional pit, but I am, who digs it. I look like a typical nerd: fat, ugly, pathetic and worthless. To the top of it, I have become emotionally numb, so I can be joyful on the surface, but I'm dead on the inside. No strong emotions - either positive or negative -, and even the weak emotions last for few hours in the best case. No motivation, no soul, no goal, no senseful life.
If you feel bad for me, don't do it! It's not worth it. Even I think, it's not worth to do it.

I try to be creative to do something useful and mindful. The problem is, when I try to work on the idea, it dies out quickly, and the idea is far from acceptable. Most of my plans are unfinished, which makes my life senseless.

To hit the last nails into my coffin: I have a non-existing harem from a few animes and visual novels. I won't write them down, because nobody cares about them (except me), and it wouldn't make any sense to write down.

- generic visual novels (teens - high school - romance - harem bullshit combo) and (consequently) animes;
- sad and relaxing music (ambient, dark ambient, piano music, etc.);
- vaporvawe subgenres (future funk, mallsoft, broken transmission, weather channel);
- slightly creative FPS games (Team Fortress 2, Payday 2).

- classic FPS games (CoD-like ones);
- zombies (because it's too much, overused and everywhere);
- MOBA games;
- MMORPG games (many years of WoW were enough, no more);
- medieval and sci-fi things in general (with a few exceptions);
- rock and metal music (except DSBM and a few other tracks);
- mainstream things (I'm against the hype);
- games based on reflexes and precision;
- nudity without a senseful goal in romantic visual novels (aka "If you want hentai, then watch hentai instead!").
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