California, United States

LAN Experience:

Fragadelphia 13 9th-12th (pera, scoob, sloopy, craze4war, vin)

NCS Minor Pomona 5th-8th (pera, scoob, sloopy, craze4war, vin)
Currently Online
76561198235875078 Nov 11 @ 11:00am 
can you add me?
🦎 +rep good player🦎
Added for team talk
Baha61MkR. Oct 29 @ 6:57pm 
-rep wallhack user Trash KIDDO
✪ jane Oct 28 @ 7:10pm 
add me fopr trade
76561199047189144 Jul 31 @ 4:14pm 
yo, send me friend request, i have something for you
Cаrсаnо Jul 17 @ 9:07pm 
Hello, can't send you friend reguest because of new limits. can you add me please?