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General Info
About me & my account:
I speak German & English
My name is Lukas but you can call me Dawn :steamhappy:

Games i mainly play :steamhappy:
- Garrys Mod
- Left 4 Dead 2
- Borderlands 2

I will not accept friend requests from:
Users with Scammer or Caution tags.
Users which are private (unless i know them)
Users with steam lvl 0.

I will remove you and block you if you're rude.


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Jango Dec 22, 2017 @ 12:28pm 
very nice
Nitro Dec 19, 2017 @ 11:23am 
Shoot your goo my dude
SomeGoodShit May 6, 2017 @ 5:31am 
Wtf xD
Cinnamon May 1, 2017 @ 2:41pm 
rest in peace mein Kamerad. You served us well. You killed a lot of gypsies. May the Führer be with you.
Malin May 1, 2017 @ 2:39pm 
rest in peace fallen comrade, you was a great soldier in the war and may god give you a great afterlife. :RusLang::2016villain:
Kama May 1, 2017 @ 2:35pm 
This nazi over here died in combat against the Romanian gypsies, killed by a guy who's nickname is lonewolf, have respect and honor for this young man, who fought with his heart until the end to protect the ones he loved.
Rest in peace dear dawn you will ever have origami's heart with you :nekoheart: