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mood-: bored, fine

Can call me ImmaGhost or Bonnie (if there isn't another bonnie around)

on happyland uber upgrade, or skial idle server

if ya want to play terraria with me, then you can ask me =P,

If I poke you, then I like you as Friend Or I do it when I'm bored.

best removing bullys ever

a song i've been waiting to watch

I like to watch anime. there is some i can give, and then there is some i need to finish. if you want to give me some, i'm free to listen. I can give you some if you want to watch some new ones.

Plastic Memories
Yamada-kun to 7-nin no Majo TV
Show By Rock!!

Friends that I like:
Miyako (cool guy also my death run pal. Rip now)
Cypher (close friend that i'll mess with.)
Crystallux (brother that pisses people off on happy land and on the idle server)
Floater (close friend that i'll get to bug the fuck out)
Azuar (good friend that will tell me new things)
DavidBowieSensei (bestfriend that is to op in project M [from brawl])
ToughNut (a friend that will try to make a good joke. Will help me on happy land to plot something. PS, we will team up)
Cheats (a bestie that is awsome and a person you can talk to)
Bonnie Darko (sweetheart that I will love deeply and who I will stay with and stand by her not let anything upset her and make her feel better if I have to stay up all night. She will listen to me when I'm down <3)
Leafeon (bestie who likes to joke, but also likes to get revenage xD)
Nya Love (person i met, but i'll like them =P)
Cirno (a nice funny friend that will get me laughing and play along with whatever is happening. She'll listen)
Sariah (a best friend who I can come to and get to watch her funny and random moment game watches xD. She'll listen as well when I'm down)
Katy (A friendly who is nice, and will kill anyone who kills her xD. Happy land she wants mvm, nothing else except the karts. She'll listen, but also slap me if I do something stupid)
Dr.Gordon Freeman (allows me to put down my tele in skybox, chilled and a good friend)
Ninja (a good opponet when vsing and a really good sniper. good friend and a good oppnent)
Reiko (will tell me about the past of skial, but also a good friend and temamte)
mooffin (best person to tell me to watch new animes i never watched or i might of, but i say a godo friend and a good opinion on things)
2c-awsum (too nice to give me new cosmetics or weapons.. just too nice of a friend)
Juggler (will stand, kick, or taunt on my head. nice friend/chill, but a godo friend)
Nykro (funny, sometimes random, but is a good friend who makes me feel weird, but enjoys and laugh)
yang (just listens to anything, and feels like i could almost talk about anything to him, just a good friend in general)
eggplant (good spirites of gaming, has some good videos, funny, and a good friend to have incase you want to gang up on someone)
Miku (randomly gives me games, will suggest some anime, and a good friend)
Tej (he's a ghey apple nerd, whos always random, and just doesn't care about anything, but a nice guy)
endy (a spycrab who just likes to spam with me, and just a nice guy)


Age: 20
Gender: male
Likes: Anime, sometimes RP, Joking around, and like to poke you.
Comment: *poke* Hi =3.
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biggest pu$$sy ive ever seen
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+rep thanks for helping me reach the skybox :lunar2019piginablanket:
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