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Posted: Feb 1, 2019 @ 9:45am
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Fridge my boi! Your steamy game is delightfully addictive. Sound design is incredible and brings me right back to those nostalgic 8-bit days of old. You've made firing the laser a delight because of this. I also love the way the recoil also makes the laser feel a bit like a shotgun, as each shot heads a slightly different direction than the previous (removes an irritating precision-shot style of gameplay that would otherwise require the player to fine-tune their aim).

A couple of notes you can put aside for future plans...

- A leveling-up system in-game, always on-screen to give a sense of achievement. Unlike (but not replacing) the scoring system, this shouldn't be reset after every game and should be fairly difficult to advance - a bit of a bragging factor. Unlock new items and weapons with this as you rank up.

- Powerups, I'll leave you to get creative with those.

- Collect occasional rare ore/resources during gameplay to spend on skins, increase traits (speed, shield, weapon recharge, etc.) and increase the likeliehood of power-up spawns.

- Have an array of secondary weapons that you can only equip once after every game, not a one-use but consider limited ammunition for secondary weapon, buy more to stock up/reload.

Overall, fantastic launch :)))
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