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alex yarwood
Read this before sending a friend request
1. Do not listen to this description, it can't tell you what to do, you live your own life.
2. Why are you even reading this, it's not like it has control of you.
3. How are you going to know if i'm going to say no? what if your an exception to the friend rules? what if i asked you to do this? you can't waste your time on reading silly rules made in an exessively long description.
4. Why does this say to read this? it's not like it's going to change anything, in fact this whole description is silly, you shouldn't have read this far

Now if your STILL reading this, i applaud you. And if your a person who looks in discreet detail for grammar mistakes i hope you don't find the mistake on line 4....
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I am an avid soldier player, that is, unless i'm trying a weapon test i.e. is this weapon really overpowered? *i guess it is, oh well* or i'm just plain relaxed. The weapons i have hilighted in the showcase are the ones i usually test for fun, or just use to exact overkill on nemesis i gain from being peaceful.

I only sniper if i am really desperate, because i am really bad at it, because sniper is so weak i usually die before scope.

If i have a game you own and you invite me i will join, unless i am doing something.
If i am just online i am usually doing something and ignoring steam, so don't be suprised if i don't reply to something.
I have NOT finished the CO-OP chambers in portal 2, so if anyone wants to help me finish them they are very welcome to ask, as online people either have no idea or just play mind games with you
i am doing a bit of half life multiplayer, and i love the main game, unless i'm being killed by another helicopter
i love gmod, and i really want to find a lot of mods, and perhaps a good server to go to
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Merry Christmas Beat :)
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Happy 4th <3
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Thanks because you are a good friend !
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Merry Christmas
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