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[D|Noble V] 65_wat : watching you jump is very calming, beagle
[S|Peasant IV] Killer Bee : #gay4beagle
[S|Baron IV] aki : is he begging for good syncs
[S|Baron I] func : ill never show any bonus to u ever again beagle!!!!!
[S|Dame II] fzdox : we love creepy beagle sometimes
18:36 - Pinki: cadence: say to beagle that he's scrub
tyra: Nes jumpint moki

00:04 - BEAGLE: i flawlessed embrace
00:04 - Gobrox: dude
00:04 - Gobrox: you are
00:04 - BEAGLE: with help
00:04 - Gobrox: super gay
00:04 - Gobrox: how did u do last
00:04 - Gobrox: one shot
00:04 - Gobrox: wtf
00:04 - Gobrox: hacker

* [D|Esquire IV] hawaii 5-0 noseblunt : i gotta go tho good talkin to u bud !!
* [S|Peon] Vexon : beagel i like u
* [S|Peon] Vexon : you seem very level headed

Tempus | (Soldier) BEAGOW is ranked
10/46008 with 65497 points
Tempus | (Soldier) BEAGOW is ranked 10/46008 with 65497 points
Tempus | (Soldier) BEAGOW is ranked 10/46008 with 65497 points

* [D|Baroness III] kuromimi : i've been playing for 8 years and you airpogo better than me
* [S|Baron V] LJ : ive been playing for like a year and youre already overtaking me in airpogo

* [S|Baron V] LJ : when did you start playing demo beag
[S|Prince V] Mineralinis VYTAUTAS : since
[S|Prince V] Mineralinis VYTAUTAS : april mid
* [S|Baron V] LJ : the power of tp
[S|Prince V] Mineralinis VYTAUTAS : so like a month

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Blasphemian Aug 30 @ 1:48am 
This profile proves it's either a mental disorder or a choice. Attention seeking bug-chaser.

I'm glad you're a body dysphoric embarrassment that needs constant babying just to feel somewhat accepted in an echo-chamber community filled with people just as low as yourself. You have never experienced oppression or harassment as many groups of people have throughout history.

If you consider online BM and name-calling harassment, just turn off your PC and throw it away because you don't need it, and no one in this community needs you. People like you are unironically responsible for the regression of society and the inability if our legal system to bring justice to true victims, because every little peep out of a normal human being is registered as an attack in your primitive head.
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nice wr. wallpogo mains unite
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Angra Manyu
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