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Early Access Review
Solid game. Being it's in Early Access, there's only about 3 hours of campaign and a very linear Arena mode. But this game has a great replay value even for just the lack of content to work off of. I recommend this game to anyone who enjoys Darkest Dungeon and very in-depth character customization
Posted November 28, 2017.
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Before I begin, I want to make one thing clear: If you don't like RNG heavy games, this isn't for you.

With that out the way, this game is simple but packs a wallop for it's simplicity. To cut to the chase: This is a rogue-type RTS game that has heavy levels of RNG in it to have you to survive. One of aspects of the game is leveling up your hero which grants more health and stronger hero abilities for each tier you've unlocked. The game requires that you juggle between leveling your character or your base structures through Aether. Aether and Material are the key of the game's mechanics as you're forced to mine out Material and kill monsters for Aether with the game increasing it's difficult each step of the way.

The game, after a few nights, becomes exceedingly difficult if you don't keep on your Hero's Level and the level of your defenses around your Crystal. With some of the RNG events, like nights where Goblins bomb the living hell out you to nights of peace with fire flies flying around, you can either lose that run or exhale that deep breath you were holding onto to let your workers work at night.

Overall, this game is fun and I enjoy it deeply. I hope the devs continue to add new patches/content to this game as I can easily see it becoming a classic for it's fan-base.
Posted August 9, 2017.
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Let me just say that I REALLY enjoy playing this game. But even though I do, I cannot recommend it in the current stateAs of 7/11/17

For what the game is trying to be, a faithful remaster of SNES Castlevania/Metroid, it does a great job. You can feel the atomsphere from the level design and the musical score, though repeative after a few minutes or even cuts out randomly, does a good job tying in the darkness of the game. The game play itself is very solid and after mastering combat, the game will remind you often that you'll never really get stronger but your ability to handle enemies will get better.

Sadly, that's all I have to really say that's good about the game in the current state. To start off the things terrible about this game would be the lack of a map. I get it, you wanted to design a game in the Metrovania style... But why the hell isn't there an active map?! It's extremely difficult to remember when you're going in this game. Not only that, but the game also forces you to REMEMBER certain spots of the game when you get a power-up to break it. This, as well as a lack of actual direction in the game (As I can gather, you can travel to any location and there's no real 'first location'), really break the game play apart. I also think finding the Demon's Lance ability is SO obscured that I doubt many players would even find it... That move alone has helped me gain so many secrets that I don't understand why it's tucked away in a rather awkward place...

Next are parts of the map that are broken. I've found two places where the map will glitch you into the next area as an invalid object, surfing around and hoping you'd go back where you came. I had to restart my entire game because of it. On top of this, there are chests that don't actually drop anything. I don't know if this was an over-sight for the programmer missing chests or if they're meant to have nothing, but having a chest randomly sit in a hard to reach place with nothing in it is rather defeating.

Finally, there are a few monsters in the game that cause great distress for me and I can't imagine how other players would handle it. In later areas of the game, smaller mobs will tick HP slowly and have a bit of stun, making them annoying on their own. In the mobs they roam in are a nightmare. I've died numerous times to floating eyes and freaking pirhanas because I couldn't dish out enough damage to either groups.

I'm sure the developers are working hard on this game... But I can't recommend this game for anyone else to play until these issues and many others are addressed.
Posted July 11, 2017.
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If you like Dark Souls titles then this is the game for you.

At first glance, it's easy to miss this gem under the massive amounts of flashy games out in the market now. But, as soon as you let go of the visuals, you get something even better: An actual good game.

Just like any Dark Souls title, this game pretty much follows the working formula to the T. You got your weapon system pretty well done. You have your "What the actual ♥♥♥♥ is going on?" story that makes you question everyone and everything. And finally, you have those impossibly hard as balls challenges that make you wanna break your controller, unistall, and git gud.

There are some draw backs in my book though and theya ren't enough to actually deter me from recommending this game to anyone else. Some of the drawbacks would be the lack of a dedicated slot for healing items or a resuable healing item like in many other DS games. The map disappears in different areas, obviously to make newer areas stand out, but this also makes knowing where you went and what you did much harder Especially in the Prison... . Finally, not sure if it's just me or not, but whenever attacking once or twice, the game picks up a second hit for no reason. Normally, that isn't a problem unless you're low on HP and desperately trying to dodge instead.

All in all, this game is simply amazing. It does justice to the DS franchise and I'm very happy to have spent my money, time, tears, and frustration all on it.

Needs more cheese
Posted January 30, 2016.
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War... War never changes. War is dark and gruesome. War makes the best of men into animals. Without laws, there is only survival of the strongest. You either fight to survive or perish with your morals.

This game has challenged my personal morality with many of the choices that are in the game. What made the game for me was that I became attached to the survivors, eager to lead them to salvation. But, as I began to do what was neccesary... The survivors themselves reminded me that there is still humanity left in them. I scoffed, demanding depressed characters to stop whinning and be happy there was food to eat and fire burning.

I realized I became a monster, but I was one that survived.
Posted June 16, 2015.
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Have you ever watched any Sentai show ever? Have you ever wanted to be part of that universe? Well, this is your game. Stop reading this review and start making TV history!
Posted June 1, 2015.
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Early Access Review
6 Mission Solider gets killed by sentry
10/10 would play again


All meme'ing aside, this is an amazing game. I pride myself as an advid FPS player yet this game challenges all my skills. It also challenges players on their feet if they can react fast enough to the ever-changing scenarios around them. Can you handle that sudden alien breach next to three datacores? What about the aliens charging down the door on your flank? All of this provokes an engaging enviroment where Darwin's Law becomes very evident.

Is this a casual FPS? No, not in the slightest and I HIGHLY suggest not buying it if you are looking for such game. Is there a lot to do currently? No, but the reward for victory in almost seemingly impossible odds is rewards enough... Even to regamble such gains for more glory This review is of the Early Access .

Would I suggest this to my friends? Only if they were over to play it and a very select few who would enjoy the challenges of getting shot by a sentry when you've won 3 missions in a row.

Posted April 14, 2015.
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Early Access Review
Graverdigger can get blight by digging a grave
11/10 would do it again
Posted February 6, 2015.
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Early Access Review
Let me start this off by saying I don't write reviews. Ever. I always read them and I always base my decision in getting a game on them. Today, I come to you as a humble man who has, for the first time, truly enjoyed an early alpha game. I've played other titles, Starbound and other fancy early alpha titles, and I always had the sense of regret in them. Saying to myself, "Damn! Another $## wasted on a game I'll look at my library gathering dust." (Trust me, I own tons of those titles) But this one...

This title has made me enjoy sinking in the cash, supporting the growth. Why do I love it? It gives you EXACTLY what you pay for: A Tabletop game with tabletop attributes. There have been other projects that I've seen as ambitious as this title, but nowhere near as close as fulfilling as this one.

I do warn those who aren't as interested in table tops as I am in: This game is quite a stone to pass if you don't have some time dedicated to learn the game. I was quick to frustration at the numerous spells in the game, mainly for Skraven, and I didn't understand half the time what was going on simply because there was no tutorial (Till I found it later) on screen. If I had to compare the experience of this game to another, the Valkyria Chronicles titles are an easy match.

Tl;Dr Version:

Not sure? Ask yourself:
- Are you into Table tops?
- Do you like RTS?
- Do you like Valkyria Chronicles?

If you answered yes to two of the three, I consider buying this early alpha.
Posted December 10, 2014.
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