Md.Nurul Amin Jony   Bangladesh
In case of emergency Contact me through Mobile . My number 01977775134 and Bikash Number 01989853063
Be Happy with what you have right now. A lot of people are dreaming to get in your position .
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:lolskull::lolskull::lolskull::lolskull::lolskull: Want To Add Me? :lolskull::lolskull::lolskull::lolskull::lolskull:
:faewing:Please remember to state your reason of adding me in the comments or my mouse icon will hover over the ignore button. Seriously just tell me why i should add you becasue my friendlist is not unlimited. If you dont leave your reason of adding in the comments there is no way ill just add you.
:faewing:No private, -10 level, VAC-ed, Legend5143 user, Trade or Community Banned profiles are accepted, in short words no bots,cheaters or faggots allowed.
:faewing:Now only adding those whom i have played with or have a lot of groups and threads in common and who are active in the steam community.
:faewing:If i dont accept your friend request please dont mind.
:faewing:No racists, show off-ers, unnecessary over excess attitude showers, bad mouthers, disrespecting idiotic behaviours.
:faewing:Collecters/ high rep middleman/ developers/ curators/ steam workshopers/ artwork or guide publishers/ high roll traders are welcomed.
:faewing:I do not provide give aways.
:faewing:Do not spam in the comment box or spam friend requests.
:faewing:Not gonna add you if you are on this list .
:faewing:I dont care what kind of a big shot you are, you piss me off um gonna come right back at you. :bull:

:Birds::Birds::Birds::Birds::Birds:Want To Trade?:Birds::Birds::Birds::Birds::Birds:

:faewing:Feel free to send me a steam offer.
:faewing:Feel free to look me up at Dota2 Lounge,Bangladesh Trading community as i am one of the admin of that group and Steam Rep. (Links given below at the end of the custom info showcase)
:faewing:I wont obviously accept bad offers or do trades in which i am not interested.
:faewing:Want to buy items? Knock me in the trading sites we will discuss there then trade or add.
:faewing:Do not spam trade offers.

:Birds::Birds::Birds::Birds::Birds:Rules Of Being Friends With Me:Birds::Birds::Birds::Birds::Birds::Birds:

:faewing:Do not beg for free keys,items,gifts or games.
:faewing:Do not disturb me while i am in game.
:faewing:Do not spam group invitations/links in chat window.
:faewing:Be nice. I am a peace loving person. I am friendly with those who are friendly with me. You do not want to see my bad side by showing yours. I can guarantee you that you will regret it.
When it comes to pul from push i can go a lot far from the average limits.
:faewing:I am online 24/7 but am not always infront of the PC. I shall reply your message as soon as i can dont get frustrated.
:faewing:Do not spam party/lobby invites. Just invite me once if i wanna play ill surely accept.
:faewing:While being on my friend list do not expect anything other then gaming and trading from me.
:faewing:And please i am not those type of retards who dosent give a shit about others while i am not in game feel free to knock me to chat with me about games / anime / other stuff, i am jobless, after all so i have plenty of time. Want to know me better, lol just fucking message me we will chit chat as long as we can i have no prob.
:faewing:You are covering up a spot in my friendlist so please dont be a stranger.

:Birds::Birds::Birds::Birds::Birds:About Me:Birds::Birds::Birds::Birds::Birds:

Full Name >> MD.Nurul Amin Jony
Nick/Call Name >> Legend5143
Gender >> Male
Age >> 25
Date Of Birth >> 7th June 1991
Religion >> Islam
Nationality >> Bangladeshi
Preferred Languages >> English/Bangla (If you cant say them then dont worry i have google translater)
Occupassion >> Footballer/Gamer
Hobbies >> Gaming, Music, Anime, Collecting cute stuff, Love being childish but always serious/mature when i need to be .
Dota2 Role >> Carry /Mid
Teams played>> 3lves,OD,Feeders United,Shadow Play,XDT,NS,Red Viperz. now Retired from all competitive Dota scene.


:faewing: Trade Offer Websitelink
:faewing: Dota2 Lounge Websitelink [dota2lounge.com]
:faewing:Dota Buff Websitelink [www.dotabuff.com]
:faewing:Steam rep Websitelink [steamrep.com]
:faewing:Facebook Websitelink [www.facebook.com]

I play a lot free to play and payed titles,even some boring games i dont like just for the achievements. I love collecting achievements.
I have zero tollerance when it comes to slangs or behind the back poking
I am not stupid, trying to over smart me will get you removed, blocked, reported, banned and - repped .

This is my only steam account . Beware i have impersonators.
witch hunter Aug 2 @ 11:05am 
added bhai! i will trade later.. from dota 2 community bd.. except if u can :)
Fròzen Thrøné Jul 17 @ 1:43pm 
Very good person
rafsan01234 Jun 22 @ 6:13am 
added bhai. Maybe i will have to buy items from you in near future.
Mikasa Jun 21 @ 9:52am 
Hello vai, im just a fan of yours from Aldex 2 gamezone. JU theke ashsar somoi ekdin bus e dekha hoisilo. Add dilam :)
xrxys Jun 19 @ 9:24am 
Add for het
add disilam :steamfacepalm: