Radiant Amethyst Player
Pennsylvania, United States
My name is Radiant Amethyst Player, but you can just say Radiant for short. I enjoy a good game of TF2, GMod, Xenoverse 2, Final Fantasy 6, Smash Bros. (samus main) and any main series pokemon games (stopped at gen 6)

Favorite Gen is 2.
Favorite Pokemon is Articuno

I do enjoy a good randomized nuzlocke on any of the pokemon games

Favorite Anime: Dragonball (original, Z, and Super, no GT)
Favorite Character: Cell and Vados (She's so hot)

Favorite TF2ber: MrPaladin (I'm not a spy main, FYI)
Favorite Youtuber: Dead Meat (Giving us the Kill Counts from all our favorite horror movies)

Stuff I like to watch: Tool Assisted Speedruns, Celebrity Deathmatch (Don't piss off Mills Lane), Red vs Blue, etc.

I'm an EDM fanatic. My favorite artists are Daft Punk, Deadmau5, Avicii, and David Guetta.

I love me a good horror movie, whether it be cheesey or scary. Favorite is Killer Klowns from Outer Space

Note: Don't friend me if we've never met ONCE or if you just want to trade.Like, please, don't friend me for trades.

Even though I have a few friends on Steam, I feel so alone honestly
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Until I'm bankrupt
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Overblessed XD :POSSESION:
How long is the unusual streak gonna keep going? XD
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yo i sent offer could u pay my 1.2 key thing
Aye, added for the listings on backpack.tf
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Check trade offers)
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