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Early Access Review
Glory to <insert customized deity here>, let it be known!
I had some sort of X-COM itch for a while, and this game satisfied it... There are 2 main modes, base- and roster building and then the "sacraments", in which new followers are converted to your religion. The combat unfolds kinda automatic, but that doesn't make it boring at all, oh no! The disciples you send into battle/religious argument have different offensive and defensive stats, along with an "element" that makes them stronger or weaker against certain opponents. Specific skills and talents (that determine the development potential and favored classes) even make combos/synergies possible!
With the new tenets and traditions update, your religion becomes pretty detailed (more options in development), and little flavor-events depending on the happiness of your followers flesh it out even more (stoned nudists singing in the rain, what is NOT to like???). The graphics are lovably cartoonish, and the design aesthetics borrow heavily from mesoamerican imagery, also when it comes to music: Lots of panpipes and drums, a bit of strings (guitar?). It varies in the different screens and always keeps you entertained, in the more than 20h of playing I never turned it off.
The early access campaign is long enough to give you a thorough understanding of the mechanics, but short enough to leave you with a craving for more. PLEASE HURRY, I NEED MOAR!
For the future I hope some sort of endless campaign/sandbox mode will be introduced, and I can also see this working in multiplayer (though I deem that unlikely to happen). It would also be nice if you could import your early-access saves.
All in all: Good god game in the making, can recommend!
Posted June 29. Last edited June 29.
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Early Access Review
Rimworld: Mastering the art of getting screwed over big time by either yourself or the storyteller-AI. Or as the community likes to put it: Losing is fun.
Oh the drama, oh the suspense!
One wouldn't necessarily expect that from a scifi colony simulator, but it's all (over-)delivered. Due to their behavior and individual quirks, your pawns easily become more than moving spreadsheets with a bubbly avatar (No feet or hands, adorable potato-people!).
I guarantee you will experience SOME sort of story when you pick up this game: It could be a soap-opera with pillaging space-pirates or something explicitly more dark than getting afraid that your stocked up food will last through the winter. -One of my first colonists was mauled to death by a hungry bear, because she was wandering around in the wilderness -naked, during a blizzard- in a psychotic haze that was triggered by her former lover cheating on her... And I was actually quite upset, a lot more than any given time a colonist died in Banished (which is an awesome game aswell, don't get me wrong).
Not to mention the feeling of accomplishment once you launch your finished spaceship and reach the ending screen with credits
-Even though it is a lot more about the journey than the take-off, admittedly.

5 difficulty settings, 3 so-called "storytellers" and editable aswell as creatable scenarios offer a custom-tailored experience catering to (almost?) everybody. The new tutorial makes the game much more accessible, but leaves out enough stuff for own discoveries of the nuanced mechanics.
The game also features an elaborate drugs systems, but since an addiction-mechanic is present and intoxication comes with side-effects, I cannot see it as "glorifying" drug use in any way. ...Looking at the sometimes hilarious, sometimes sad events unfolding during or after a binge, it might be even realistic in a simplified way...
A huge plus for this pre-release is the lead developer Tynan Sylvester being very active in, and engaging with the community (on reddit, too). It happened more than once, that a former mod-only mechanic was implemented into the core game. So, indeed a game the community helps to develop :)

All in all I can recommend this game very much! 10/10
Posted September 13, 2016. Last edited September 13, 2016.
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Early Access Review
totally cuddly cute with the SPORE-looks and feels!

Due to the well-implemented mechanics and tasteful sqeaky-colors with concept a lot less bore-potential as other titles with similar intentions...
In my own experience, IF there was frustration (from failing missions), the adorable mims made up for that a lot of times, even if something happened that obviously didn't make them happy. The learning curve is very steep when you play close attention to what's happening and how "things" interact with each other, so even a level that seems unsolvable and due to randomness probably even unfair can be solved. With careful (and often enough slowtime :P) observation and reactive change of the "environmental parameters" or "interaction chains" and some strategical planning the Mims is definitely beatable, but hard and riddly enough to scare off people who don't like the roguelike-concept.

The Mim pathfinding AI could be worked on, because from own work I know that even jumping spiders seem able to optimize their expenditures by taking some 'shortcuts'. (Mind my wording, no quotes please) No, that's not it. It's how they react to sudden changes, like when fruit go bad and explode. They go back to a very far-away fruit instead of some that lie right next to them that must 'smell' as well (I loved the smell-o-meter!!!).
So yeah, that's "unrealistic", because it's not impromptu-adaptive. I guess, in some more abstract way, it's cracking a nut with a sledgehammer/breaking a fly on a wheel/shooting sparrows with a a MARSH if you get me. Still convincing enough for fun!

A player controlled or even regular autosave-feature would probably help to reach a broader audience.

Not actually being legally qualified to make such a recommendation, I would also say this game is ok for kids, too!
Posted April 18, 2015.
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