[N - B] Mr Bee
Hye, i'm Bee

Belgium ballz > Netherland peenuttz

I am a TF2 player that plays comp 4s and 6s
If you need anything, feel free to let me know
Even if its something sexuale #NoHomo.

Ps. I usually am a friendly guy and i'll be that to you to
Unless you are a sad piece of S**T that likes CHEEEEEEZLAND
The response you'll get is the same as in this vid!
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[N - B] Mr Bee Sep 13 @ 9:40am 
who the F are you
[N - B] Sven the Man Aug 29 @ 2:50pm 
[N - B] Mr Bee Jul 14 @ 3:45am 
why you do this to me :p
[N - B] Mr Sad Jul 13 @ 3:38pm 
Yo you can't speak english♥♥♥♥♥♥boy
Composted Jun 20 @ 12:26am 
Hi, I see you have many useless craftable TF2 items So I can give one of my hats for all of them.
Check my profile (link in bio) and send me steam trade offer if its ok for you. Thanks for attention!
ISLAM Mar 16 @ 11:50am 
hey 4v4