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Posted: May 13 @ 3:40am

I've seen a lot of negative reviews solely based on linking mechanics. To this regard after a bit they start doing all the linking for you, but these units break down over time causing problems. So you need to have spare units available to take the load while the unit is being repaired. You need to know how to connect and disconnect them. Without problems its not a base builder.

Another complaint I see a lot is depth, I also disagree with this. The tech tree alone should blow your socks off for depth, but if it doesn't maybe the RPG style employees that you hire with their own personality's, interoffice dynamics, stats, and perks. There are 3 factions with their own reputation system, and mechanics such as missions, converting rep to credits, or buying research. There are meteor showers and aliens that you must defend against, I could go on but depth is definitely not this games problem.

The last major complaint I hear is this game is full of bugs... and this is true. I have already seen 2 patches in 2 days addressing some of them, and the devs do appear to be listening to the complaints. So that's promising. Having said all that I'm playing it even with any bugs because its super fun.
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