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Stop putting dumb trade ♥♥♥♥ on my profile. Ill just delete it.

God Gave Me Depression Because If My Ambitions Went Unchecked I Would Have Beaten Him In Hand On Hand Combat By Age 16.
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Habeebee May 25 @ 11:35am 
all this minus rep for liking games i actually play
Fδxtrδt May 20 @ 4:49pm 
-rep thinks conan exiles is actually good lmao
Fδxtrδt May 11 @ 8:23am 
-rep takes too many “naps”
Habeebee May 10 @ 2:32pm 
had to change comments to friends only. Because i started playing CS:GO again and cant stand the bots.
Fδxtrδt Apr 20 @ 12:08am 
-rep sucks at smite
VladTheMoist Feb 25 @ 5:54am 
-rep sucks at civ 5