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Wants : i really want to save up for a VR headset for myself!, id love to enjoy VRchat more and in VR ^w^'' [ Oculus rift S ]
i am a furry , dont hate me . i just am
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I'll gladly accept free commissions on my OC rengie
My TF2 my mains are demoman, sniper, medic , Pyro and soldier and I'm practicing at scout
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Have a great day! 💜
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its a great game , free to play . hats,cosmetics,taunts and special weapons and 9 classes each with a buff and weakness , for example, sniper can one shot (headshot) heavys and medics but can be countered by pyro who can be countered by heavy who can be countered by scout or demoman you get the drill . Each one of the 9 classes picks at their respective enemy like spy on engineer but trys to avoid pyros . also there are different gamemodes like Capture the flag Controll Points , King of the hill , payload and some other ones too . but if you are new to the game you should try some payload or controll points and watch some videos about it too. also dont copy youtubers because you think you can rocket jump across the map or sentry jump because its not as easy as it seems and requires a lot of practice . Best to lay low and play some casual or offline practice matches to get to know the ins and outs of the game , hope this helped :)
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this test is a series of test in 1!, you can get 5 tests for the price of one ( no refunds ). This took about 2 hours to make and test to MAKE SURE as much stuff as i can doesnt break or glitch, hope you enjoy it! ( had to fix some things, sorry )
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