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Hey Boone if ur reading this plzz accpect my friend request i want to buy your dragonborn helmet please!!!!! "net_fakelag 10" makes a fake 20 ping.Laghacking
is basically fiddling with your rates (updaterate, cmdrate, etc) to limit the connection between your client and the server, which causes your hitboxes to trail and makes you very hard to hit. While I don't believe VAC can catch you doing it (since you're using in-game commands to do so), most server admins will see it and ban you for doing it.
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Voyager Nov 14 @ 6:07pm 
berner more like burner
Darkahy Mastah Nov 8 @ 1:42pm 
added you for trade i have a good offer and im willing to overpay for your stuff
rip my man berner im tryna queue some lobbies with my broski
Voyager Jun 28 @ 6:15pm 
send offers you dense ♥♥♥♥ !!1!!1!
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Still blazin or what?
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