Quint ¤ ς ¤
Quin   Tyne and Wear, United Kingdom (Great Britain)
Liquor in the front, Poker in the rear.

"You know, I was walking around the city the other day,

and it was so quiet you could have heard a window being smashed.

It is strange, really. I suppose a lot of people are like windows.

So many are... see-through. So many get smashed.

And so many wander around with a glazed look over them.

Are you like a window? Is your life a pane?"
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Quint ¤ ς ¤ Feb 15 @ 11:40am 
friend for the dog, team mascot, emergency apocolypse food supply?
Quint ¤ ς ¤ Feb 11 @ 6:17am 
wut? XD
F3ro Feb 11 @ 2:52am 
so get some ass maybe it will help 2 u
Quint ¤ ς ¤ Feb 10 @ 1:51pm 
its you lot commenting on aboot ass, i'm more of a head to toe to everything inbetween kind of guy. who wants just the ass O..O
ℬirdy Feb 10 @ 8:09am 
the only ass you're throwing and catching is the word ASS
Quint ¤ ς ¤ Feb 9 @ 9:33am 
i'd rather catch dat ass XD