Painis, Pootis & Pingas
Teemupets / Serious Spike Sam   Kajaani, Oulu, Finland
Profile background is from Saturday Morning RPG. Stop asking about it.
...If you have any spare nekos, please send them to my way.

Crappy Youtube channel with nothing to see:

MvM Highlights:

5th tour: Australium Ambassador (lucky bastard)
6th tour: Professional Big Earner fabricator (fire horns, hot rod)
9th tour: Professional Warriors Spirit fabricator (flames, deadly daffodil)
10th tour: Spec rocket laucher fab (team leader got aus medi gun)
12th tour: Got flamethrowered by a sniper... interesting...
17h tour: 2 robo misc on same round (surplus), 7 players in one team (WTF), aus SMG for teammate.
18th tour: Rocket laucher kit, 2 spec fabs and pro medi gun fab from same tour (the magic word is "PAN").
19th tour: double huntsman (kit + spec fab), 2 server crashes, 500+ ping on Botmash.
21st tour: black box + frontier justice fabs, perfect EE-team
27th tour: pro jag fabricator (team shine, fire horns)
28th tour: 2x trash man crafted into Dashin' Hashshashin (along with ks knife kit)
30th tour: pro vita-saw fab (really...) - traded for spec machina fab.
35th tour: pro persian persuader fab (hypno-green)
36th tour: pro overdose fab
42nd tour: pro pain train fab (.....)
49th tour: pro persian fab; pro knife fab for 1st tourer and aus ax for 5th tourer.
50th tour: pro escape plan fab
51st tour: australium axtinguisher (found a new secret word and I'm not telling it to ye.)
55th tour: australium black box (the PAN is back, baby!)
58th tour: pro lollichop fab (really?)
61st tour: pro diamondback fab
76th tour: pro amputator fab (finally something...)
80th tour: pro stickybomb laucher fab (YES! YES!)
85th tour: australium force of nature (not going to jinx this one)
86th tour: pro huo-long heater fab (still not jinxed)
87th tour: australium stickybomb laucher (jinxed it -.-)
89th tour: pro sha-whatever fab (5 cents...)
96th tour: australium blutsauger (10 keys...)
99th tour: pro knife fab (bank made)
101st tour: spec shooting star fab (not bad)
107th tour: pro axtinguisher fab (pretty bad)
110th tour: sharp dresser kit + pro ullapool caber fab
121st tour: spec sharp dresser fab + pro loose cannon fab
124th tour: pro wrench fab (not bad)
130th tour: diamondback + spec rescue ranger + spec c.a.p.p.e.r. fabs
133rd tour: pro charging targe fab
134th tour: frying pan kit + spec rocket laucher fab
138th tour: PPPP + spec beggar's bazooka + pro reserve shooter
143rd tour: huntsman kit + spec spy-cicle fab + spec grenade laucher fab + pro quickiebomb laucher fab
145th tour: spec shooting star fab + pro beggars fab (nais)
189th tour: second aussie blutsauger

Some of the hats I've owned:

1:1 peace nickel "Peace on you"
Darkblaze titanium "Burning Blaze" (and then it crashed)
Purple confetti brown bomber (signed by Psyke)
1:2 Anti-freeze titanium
1:1 Chiroptera venenata nickel "Burning Blaze" (yup, again...)
Cloud 9 deep cover operator "Deep Core Operator" (1:2 and only ungifted)
1:1 Chiroptera venenata titanium
1:1 Green Black Hole Tower (lvl69)
lvl100 PE Pillar of hats.
Purple Energy Company Man (Burning Blaze again...)
Phosphorous Brown Bomber
Knifestorm Mining Light
1:2 Cloudy Moon Pirate Bandana
Darkblaze Charmer's Chapeau
1:1 Hellfire Vive La France
Duped Frostbite Law
13th Brown Bomber
1:1 Secret Company man
Mother of all combos... sort of.

Unusuals unboxed:

1:2 op polar pullover on 22.3.2014 got got 7.9 buds in unusuals from it.

SS scotch bonnet on 2.10.2014 and got ~1 bud.

Miami winter woodsman on 31.12.2015 and traded it for phosphorous brown bomber (~12.5 buds). Traded that for knifestorm mining light and pro aus wrench.

A shitton of unusuals during Scream Fortress 2016 and blizzard Big Country after the event.

Started my sprite maker/youtuber career on 7.8.2014 (same day as I completed a summer challenge Geocache in Nurmes.)
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