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Just a dood tryna play games also a US army soldier since March 25 2019
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Info about me if you're interested [WIP]
Personal Info about me

:EmperorPenguin: Age: 20
:EmperorPenguin: Gender: Idk
:EmperorPenguin: Language: English
:EmperorPenguin: Birthday: January 18th
:EmperorPenguin: Discord: Poonda#0001
:EmperorPenguin: Location: Merica
:EmperorPenguin: Discord: https://discord.gg/N2ezhnK
Computer Specs

:nonono: Trash

Close Friends

:BSheart: MistaHMee
:BSheart: Rynn/Fozzy
:BSheart: Harshi
:BSheart: Twystd
:BSheart: Hannah Banana
:BSheart: XYZ
:BSheart: Unicorn Mann
:BSheart: BrogaineFoam
:BSheart: KiloPetraGay
:BSheart: Tori

Games I enjoy

:blueballs: Garry's Mod
:PinkBalls: PlayersUnknown Battleground
:GoldenBalls: Rainbow Six Siege
:blueballs: Counter Strike Globle Offensive
:PinkBalls: Fortnite
:GoldenBalls: League Of Legends
Favorite Group
Hentai! - Public Group
Largest hentai & ecchi community on steam! Everyone is welcome! ^^
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This ♥♥♥♥♥ eatin' beans
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Second on the friendlist ;-;
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It's called Hentia... and it's an art
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you watch bleach kid off thy self
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Suck my ♥♥♥♥ kid