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Mathias Bianchi Grou-Radenez   Florence, Toscana, Italy
It’s February! And for the carnevalesque occasion, I’ll take up a new name for every day!

& Elia Bianchi Grou-Radenez Cecioni Dampierre.
Nientepocodimenoche il sottoscritto.
If you want to add me, reason your motive in the comments ^^

Also renoun for sympathising for the Re-reconquista by the forces of Al-Andalus.

mistakes can be made.

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condivido questo account con mio fratello


Profile pic inspired by Corto Maltese.

Chòsroes, Basilèus tòn Basilèon, Despòtes ton Despotòn, Heghemòn tès eirènes, Sotèr tòn ànthropon; òs Zèus Basilèus athànatos, tìmios o Theòs tòn ànthropon!
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General info regarding myself
Hello there! i'm Radenez, the empathic guy also known for giving away compliments like it's coffee filters.
i often hang out with plenty of people around, so don't hesitate to join me!

⠀ ✧✧✧⠀ ✧✧✧

Portals to my online presence

If you're curious of my Youtube videos
My youtube channel (it's mostly sound effect collections and lovely music playlists)
If you want to bother me on Twitter
My Twitter if you want to spy on me.
My collection [] of spheric pictures.

Personal Info

I'm a 18 year old dude from the medieval city of Florence, a very unknown town you've almost certainly never heard of for its small historical and artistic importance.
I like hiking, cycling, cooking, traveling and video games!

General info

I clear my friends list from time to time, if you feel like you've been unjustly removed, don't be afraid to ask to be befriended again.

If you want to join me in any lobby, don't hesitate to do so! I like company.

Random factoids about me

✧ The last time i've seriously been trading was in early 2014
✧ I often speak in an elevated English language, because i like dropping my inhibitions when i don't speak in my first language
✧ I've always had a soft spot for lost causes
✧ I only ever play the same 4 classes in TF2
✧ I obsess over witnessing the olden days of anything
✧ I'm a polyglot
✧ I like to improvise new cooking recipes
✧ I'm a basic Italian. When i see a heretical recipe, i suffer
✧ I sympathise for the usurpation of the Castillan crown in favour of the Re-reconquista by the Andalusian emirate of Cordoba

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_LIS_ Mar 4 @ 9:59am 
+REP thanks It was a pleasure to play with you too
Jar of Jam Mar 4 @ 4:10am 
+rep wholesome med
Fluttershy Feb 19 @ 10:41pm 
i see he in enemy team
he good :^)
Hannes28p Feb 19 @ 2:26pm 
Thanks for the feedback, you're a really nice guy!
Der Entsafter (UwU) Feb 5 @ 5:18pm 
epic medic
15.02.2021 Feb 3 @ 4:24am 
Very good medic main