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If goose plural is geese, then moose plural is meese. :coocoo:

My dad is a microsoft and you'll get banned if you call me mean names like Greg from Accounting or Eggatha.

What came first, the egg or the egg?

Botany knowledge is meta
10 Totally True facts, don't google them because they're 100% true
1. The P in Pterodactyl is actually pronounced with a "k" sound.
2. Dolphins can only hold their breath for 20 minutes.
3. I ate your dad's taint last night.
4. Greasing yourself up with bacon juice makes you more attractive to women.
5. Whales have mini legs that they can use to kick fish.
6. Eating 500kg of stone would taste pretty bad.
7. The top mathematicians in the world can't answer 1+1 correctly (it's windows)
8. Hentai accurately represents real life. (Tentacle monsters' are real)
9. Your father left you.
10. Money does grow on trees. They lied to you.
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therpderp Aug 4 @ 8:47am 
Gameing Jun 18 @ 7:41pm 
Thanks for the egg :)
Naked Nancy Jun 12 @ 8:28am 
All i said was you didnt even attempt to look after you mad a smart ass remark. Yes man you know me so well I have anger issues. Maybe dont be a ♥♥♥♥ and then wonder why people arent happy with you
Egg Jun 12 @ 8:06am 
got mad that I didn't find noed in end game and left them on their second hook :( Very sad bud <3 Maybe work on your anger issues before commenting :)
Aero Jun 12 @ 8:05am 
vvv this salty loser was useless, there's a reason you died and we didn't lmao
Naked Nancy Jun 12 @ 8:03am 
Dudes a ♥♥♥♥ team mate and also a smart ass end game chat. Dude cant fathom working as a team in a 4v1 game. Acts like its rocket science